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4 Great College Party Themes That Will Leave Everyone Speechless

4 Great College Party Themes That Will Leave Everyone Speechless

8 Great College Party Themes That Will Leave Everyone Speechless

Even if people deny it, everyone – and I mean everyone – loves a themed party. They can bring anyone out of their shell and bring everyone’s party enthusiasm way up! The only way for this to happen is to make sure the theme is good, and not just mediocre good, like REALLY good! Here are some themes that will leave everyone speechless.

Bath Time

Tell all your guests that it is time for a clean and set up the foam machine! Pick a room or blow up some kiddie pools because who doesn’t love a foam party! This is one of the more messy party themes, however, it sure is iconic! If you really want to go all out and you have the facilities to do so, fill an entire pool or spa with foam, go crazy and don’t worry about the clean up until the next day… or the day after that depending on how hungover you are. This is especially a great party idea if you need a theme for a day party, sun, foam, drinks and friends, what more could you want.

New Friends

This one gives the host (you) all the power. Pick any two guests of your choosing. Picking two people who are strangers to each other can lead to a much more funny outcome. Pick two and tie them together. Ta Da! you are just making new friendships form left and right. These two now have to spend the entire night together. A crucial part of this theme is to make sure that everyone abides by the rules, if people ate going to come to this party they have to embrace it! However, the best friendships are formed over alcoholic beverages. Whether they end up loving each other or hating each other, who knows what will happen by the end of the night.


Meet Your Match

Heres one to build the anticipation. Tell your guests to dress up as one half of a duo. BUT! no dressing up as a classic duo with your friends. The whole point of the party is to go and try your luck at finding your other half at the party. If you find your match spend the rest of the night with them. If you don’t then maybe it’s just not meant to be. Better luck next time. This one will be addicting and your guests will be reusing this theme time and time again! Basic people who lack originality will most likely end up in groups of Sandy’s and Danny’s, but those who are truly unique may just find your new best friend or love of your life, who knows!

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Golf Pros and Tennis Hoes

This one is often neglected but a classic nonetheless! Think country clubs and trust funds. This party is the perfect opportunity to feel rich and not at all classy, who doesn’t love that combo! After all, everyone loves pleated skirts and sun visors. This is the only time anyone should be allowed to wear a sweater vest. And after all this theme makes for the perfect pic for the gram! and let’s be honest that is always an important part of any night out! Golf pros and Tennis Hoes is the perfect theme if you want to feel like you are living in the movie American Pie, which is what many of us believed college would be like. This is the way to get that feeling!


College Parties are often the settings for the most legendary stories. The ones you will tell your children about more than a few times. Let us know which theme you will be choosing for your next big bash!

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