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10 Graduation Party Themes For The Best Party Ever

10 Graduation Party Themes For The Best Party Ever


Here is the top 10 Graduation party themes you must re-create for the best party ever. Whether you want a super sophisticated soiree or something a little more laid back, there’s a theme for you…

1. Great Gatsby Glam

What’s not to love, the glitz, the glamour? The 1920’s had it all, think flapper dresses, bejewelled head pieces and bow ties. To host your own soiree, decor’ is really important, for that Gatsby-esque look incorporate pink and white floral arrangements, string pearls everywhere and use large feathers as centrepieces. And don’t forget… A little party never killed nobody.


2. Alice In Wonderland Tea Party

Try something a little different and host your own magical, mad hatter’s tea party. Stretch your imagination and create your own sweet treats and savoury snacks and why not use original ideas from the book and movie, tie little notes around bottles labelled ‘drink me’, your guests will love it! If you’re lucky enough to have great weather set up your party outside with mix-matched bunting, vintage books and cute teacups.

3. Moulin Rouge

The Moulin Rouge is everything you would want in a party with a twist and it doesn’t have to be costly to re-create the exotic, Parisian, cabaret theme. Let your creative juices flow and build your own signature red windmill from cardboard, stick to a theme with red, golds and blacks for a super seductive feel and hang fairy lights up to produce a romantic atmosphere.

4. The Oscars

Attend the Oscars for your Graduation by re-creating the elegance and excitement of the annual award’s show. Stick to a colour scheme like black and gold for extra sophistication and maintain this throughout your decor. Balloons are inexpensive and a great way to fill space and of course champagne (or prosecco) is a must for any celebration! If you have lots of guests around think about buying some plastic flutes to save on washing up and potential accidents. And don’t forget to let everyone know dress code is strictly black tie.


5. Sixties Style

Visit the swinging sixties and celebrate peace, love and all things hippie! Cheesy? Yes. But you can’t deny the parties looked great and the style was eccentric. Multicolour decor’ will bring the theme to life, cut out huge daisies and stick them all around your venue and don’t forget to rock tie dye and flares to evoke your inner hippie. Create a playlist of sixties anthems like ‘Stop In The Name Of Love’ by The Supremes and ‘I’d Rather Go Blind’ by Etta James (Beyonce’s cover is amazing!)

6. Masquerade Ball

Mystery and intrigue surround masquerade balls and it’s a super easy theme to re-create. Whether you decide to opt for a more casual party or go all out extravagant, venetian masks are a must, you can buy some beautiful one’s online or why not create your own. Play cool jazz in the background and add extra glitz to the celebrations with a cool colour theme like purple and black with homemade cocktails, try Espresso Martinis and Moscow Mules.


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7. Funky Fiesta

Throw your own vibrant, Mexican fiesta this Graduation. The only rule to stick to for this theme is colour! Have fun with decor’ by using funky table cloths, bright paper fans and pinatas. Don’t forget the authentic Mexican food, nachos and tacos are super easy to make and great finger food for all your guests. There’s tonnes of games you can try too like the ‘Mexican Hat Dance’, all you need is a sombrero and some up-beat music. Oh and dont forger the Margaritas. Viva la fiesta!


8. School Colour Theme

If you’re struggling for inspiration channel your school’s colours and celebrate them one last time in style. The colour theme can run across your decor’ and food, you could even think about getting the school mascot involved! Go old school with punch bowls and karaoke for that extra little twist.

9. Jungle Fever

Go wild with jungle fever and get all your guests to dress as they’re fave’ animal, if that’s a bit too much try face paint (and add glitter!) The safari theme is a pretty simple idea and will look great outdoors, hang streamers around a gazebo, bring out lush, animal print blankets and light candles in the evening. You can even rent animal statues for your guests to pose with, it will definitely be an unforgettable Graduation.

10. Hawaiian Theme

Create a tropical getaway and buy, or make your own leis for each guest as they arrive. Wherever you decide to host your event, think beach party with inflatable palm trees, beach balls and tiki torches and don’t forget to set up a game of ‘Limbo’. There are loads of great food and drink ideas out there too but a simple BBQ is always a winner. Dress code can be super casual or you can insist upon grass skirts, these will look great when dancing around to your fave’ songs.


So there’s our top 10 Graduation party themes for the best party ever. Will you be hosting a party this Summer? If so let us know in the comments below!

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