10 Graduation Party Decoration Ideas That Will Make Your Party Rock


It’s always a good choice to celebrate an amazing occasion, especially if it’s something as big as graduating! To guarantee a fantastic party, only the best will do. Show out and make this graduation celebration feel extra special with these graduation party decoration ideas!

1. Colour scheme: black and gold

Black and gold party decorations are a great standard colour combination that boasts success and good fortune. Alternatively, you could use your (or your graduate’s) university’s colours to add a more personal touch to the decorations. Either way a consistent colour scheme does wonders for your party space.


2. Banner

Banners are one of the best ways to decorate any function! Make sure everyone knows that you’re the centre of the party by showcasing a big personalised banner with your name on it, along with a message of success. A banner will draw in everyone’s attention and highlight the occasion in the most exciting way!

3. Balloons

What is a party without balloons?! A room full of balloons is one of the most fun and timeless graduation party decoration ideas. Balloons compliment a party space really well without adding too much clutter in the room. Not only do they look good, but they boast party vibes all round to create an atmosphere of pure celebration!

4. Balloon bunting

Nothing stands out quite as much as a good balloon bunting! This is one of the more popular graduation party decoration ideas to bring life to your celebrations. There are so many styles to choose from out there so you’ll be spoiled for choice. You’ll be sure to find one that is unique to you. If you don’t want balloons, a display of big letters works just as well.


5. Photo booth

Why not go full out and hire a photo booth to capture those amazing moments while celebrating your success. A photo booth is something all your guests will love and definitely take advantage of! Alternatively, if you don’t want to go crazy spending too much money on a photo booth, you could make or hire your own backdrop with streamers. This makes for an equally great photo op for you and all of your guests.

6. Party props

What makes a great photo booth?… photo props! Let your friends and family go crazy with a selection of graduation themed party props for the occasion. These will give a unique touch and add character to your pictures.


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7. Centrepieces

As one of the easiest DIY graduation party decoration ideas, you can make your own centrepieces by making use of mason jars. Add bit of glam and prestige to your party by cutting out paper graduation hats to stick on jar lids, or dipping the bottom halves of the mason jars in glitter for a dazzling effect.


8. Tassel garlands

Reminiscent of the tassels on the top of graduation hats, tassel garlands are a simple yet decorative piece that will add great detail to your party space. These are also so easy to make.

9. Door sign

Mark the entrance to your special party with a door sign. Let your guests know that this party is the real deal! This is one of the least known graduation party decoration ideas that could wow your guests from the offset. It is definitely one to go for. Again this is also really simple to make if you want to DIY.

10. Confetti

It’s the little details that can really make a party special. Pick up some graduation themed confetti to give life to your table tops. Sprinkle it everywhere for the occasion and dazzle your guests!


Which decoration ideas do you like best? Comment below!

Featured Image Source: www.pinterest.co.uk