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10 Graduation Gifts For a College Grad’s First Apartment

10 Graduation Gifts For a College Grad’s First Apartment

Here is a list of 10 simple, useful and affordable presents for the graduates in your life that are about to get their first apartment!

Picking out a gift for a graduate fresh out of university can be tricky. I mean, if you think about it, you’re essentially welcoming them into adulthood through your gift. No pressure, right?

The presents you choose should reflect how proud you are of them. Or it just could be a low key how-to-survive-in-the-real-world-kit. Either or really.

Here is a list of 10 simple, useful and affordable presents for the graduates in your life for their first apartment.


1.A photo frame

Filled with pictures from University of course.

2.An ornament

Preferably something about winning at adulting, friendship or getting your sh*t together.

This one is important because they’ve probably been referring to the traffic cone in the living room someone brought home after a night out as an ‘ornament.’


Graduation seems like the perfect time to gift them a real ornament for their first apartment.


Plants and maybe a cute watering can, just in case you’re lowkey questioning their ability to keep said plant alive. Having said this, you could also just go for succulents, so there is less chance of then dying.

Or if they aren’t into the whole keeping plants as pet’s thing, you could buy them a set of rocks, stick googly eyes on them and urge your graduate to start a rock collection.



Graduation doesn’t necessarily mean they’re able to afford heating prices.

5.A Coffee Maker

We’ve accidentally graduated in a recession; we can’t afford £4 latte’s every day. But we still need to fuel the coffee obsession that our capitalist society has instilled within us. This would be the perfect gift for a graduate because there is a really high chance that completing their dissertation (before the deadline) made them into a complete caffeine junkie.

6.A wok

We need a wok for the same reason we needed a wok at university if I’m being completely honest.


7.Candles and fairy lights

This is a great gift idea because it will help them make their first apartment cute and cosy.

8.A Cute Laundry Basket

Chances are they didn’t have a laundry basket at university because their room was too small to fit one, so they are used to placing their dirty laundry in an old tote bag they got for free during freshers week. But that method just seems childish now. They will be grateful for this gift because it’s cute and incredibly practical too.

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9.A Spice Set

A subtle but effective way to encourage them to start cooking.

They might use it; they might place it on the shelf for the aesthetic?

Jokes aside, not many university students cook because they do not have the time. However, as a recent graduate, they might want to learn how to cook like a proper grown-up. This would be the perfect gift, especially if they are looking for the motivation to pick up that cooking book!


10.A wine glass set/ A Set of (grown-up) Glasses

They will 100% deny it but when they started university, they ‘borrowed’ four glasses from the cupboard in their parents’ house and by their final year, they have one left.

They would happily drink their chocolate milkshake and rum and coke in the same glass.

Buy them a set, welcome them to adulthood.


You want your graduate to be excited about joining the graduates club for as long as possible and your gift should really represent that. Not only are you welcoming them into adulthood; you’re also celebrating their accomplishments and, presents aside, they should know how proud you are!

Obviously, there are so many other gifts, but here are a few of the best ones! Let me know in the comments below if you can think of any more.

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