Gotcha! The Best Celebrity Scare Pranks On Ellen

We all love Ellen, don’t we?  She’s funny, unproblematic and talks to all of our favourite celebrities.  In many ways, we all wish we were her, but maybe not the people getting scared on the show (I think I’m a bit scared of going to a recording now!)  With that being said: “Gotcha!” The best celebrity scare pranks on Ellen.

1. Justin Bieber and Ellen v The Audience

This is one of the most well-known out there.  Can you imagine if you walked into a toilet and Ellen and Bieber were in there?  Now imagine if they were kissing (or pretending to), playing the recorder or staring menacingly at you and you should have a pretty good grasp of this prank.  It was put on YouTube in 2015, but it’s still just as funny today, right?  Watch it here.

2. Ellen v Selena Gomez

At first, someone jumped out of the table, and while scary, Gomez clearly thought that that was it: her time of getting scared was now done.  She was wrong.  She went on with her interview, saying that she doesn’t scare easily.

Just minutes after saying that she doesn’t scare easily and that all the stops would have to be pulled out to fool her, Selena Gomez got a taste of a classic Ellen prank when an *unconventional* Elsa from Frozen gave the shock of her life.  Maybe don’t give out tips on how to scare you next time, Selena!  Watch it here.

3. Ellen in Emma Watson’s ear

This is one of the most common series on the channel, where Ellen has an earpiece and controls all of what the celebrity (in this case Emma Watson) says and does.  In this case, having Emma Watson interview a nanny not for a child, but for herself.  It’s certainly a cringe-worthy watch, although I couldn’t stop laughing at the same time.  Watch it for yourself here.

4. Ellen and Justin Bieber (again) v a fan

This is one of Justin’s hobbies (apparently!?) and it involves calling a number and scaring the unsuspecting person by telling them about everything that’s going wrong.  In this case, they tell them that their grades are dropping and that attendance isn’t good enough.  I can only imagine the fear of a hard-working college student on the other end feeling like they might be about to be kicked out of college.  Watch it here.

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5. Ellen v Taylor Swift

Ellen has pranked Taylor Swift countless times, but one of the first is arguably one of the best.  When Taylor walks into the bathroom of her dressing room who is waiting for her but Ellen herself?  It gets worse when Taylor quickly falls into the wall and floor while Ellen falls about laughing.  It’s an unconventional welcome to the show, to say the least.  Watch it here.

6. Ellen v all seven members of BTS

You would think that it would be hard to scare the biggest boyband in the world.  However, she managed to get them real good when a fake fan girl jumped out, screamed an ran away.  When your fanbase is called the army, I do wonder how scary it must be for one of the ‘recruits’ to jump out at you.  Watch the whole interview and prank here.

So those are the best celebrity scare pranks on Ellen of all time, from pranking the celebs to getting the celebs in on the action, it’s fair to say that I’m not sure I would ever feel entirely relaxed around Ellen.  Do you have any more to add to this list?  Let us know down below!

Featured image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/donkeyhotey/40495974324
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