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14 Gorgeous Prom Dresses Perfect For Your Big Night

14 Gorgeous Prom Dresses Perfect For Your Big Night

Prom is one of the most memorable nights of the school year; so you want to make sure you look and feel your best. These are a few stunning prom dresses!

Every girl wants to look like a dream when she can, especially at prom. Prom is an event all about the dresses; and if the dress isn’t right, then nothing is. So here are 14 gorgeous prom dresses that are all must-haves for that special evening.

1. Loving the lace.

To find this dress, have a look on; this basic but outstanding dress is available in various colours, including turquoise and violet, so you know it will make an outstanding appearance at prom. Additionally this made-to-order dress is great for that perfect fit.

2. Go for something short!

Dresses that have a much shorter look are definitely a risker look to pull off, but with the right combo, it can look amazing. This beautiful backless dress from the site, comes in a variety of shades, suitable for those who want to vamp the look up.


3. High neck halter for the win!

Halter high necks are a great look for those who are top heavy and want to distribute their look. This dress is also great, as it has an added chiffon look for a softer feel and is a beautiful bright shade to go with any accessory. This is definitely a one of a kind beauty.

4. Stand out in ombre.

An ombre look can block out just simple colours and give a fancier look for those wishing to stand out from the crowd at prom. This elegant look can add sophistication to any prom night and can be alternated between various shades.

5. Layers, layers, layers!

If you’re looking for a more layered and ruffled look to add volume, then this dress is perfect for you. Additionally, this dress has two sections; which means the top section can have added features and you can create a skirt effect. This is sure to be an outfit that is one to remember; it’s the flare you have been missing in your outfit.


6. It’s all in the details.

This dress is a rare treat as it contains a cute little bow for that extra added speak. This one-of-a-kind dress might be simple, but the little added features can make a huge difference and help you stand out.

7.  A satin silky look is always a must.

For a more outright glamour and classy look, this gown is a showstopper and will have heads turning your way at prom. The colour itself is the best part as it shimmers like water in the sunlight, giving it that added grace as you move around.

8. Enhance your features.

With a traditional corset laced dress you can enhance certain features of your body. Be the princess you so wish to be; be the belle of the ball you deserve to be for the night! A corset dress like this one will be magical and blow everyone away in plain sight.


9. Channel your inner mermaid.

The ever trendy mermaid tailed dress is a unique, but popular, choice amongst various women these days. Having a tight top half and floaty free bottom, allows a beautiful elegant finish and is perfect for prom! This floor length beauty is an absolute wow factor and with added sparkle, you know it will be stunning.

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10. Go for something tight.

This backless beauty embraces all the curves of the female form. This burgundy beauty has everything any girl would need for the perfect and must-have prom dress.


11. Innocence is key.

This short innocent look is enough to make anyone jealous. This look is great for focusing on the legs and showing off your body, whilst keeping the arms nice and covered. Its simple colours and sleekness allows you to be free to explore and jazz up your look using all sorts of accessories.

12. Stay on the casual side.

For something with a more causal and seasonal look, why not try this summer must have? The easy but well put together look is good for those who don’t want the hassle of getting ready for prom but still wish to look just as fabulous as everyone else. The additional leg slit feature of the dress also gives you that daring edge you’ve always wanted to try.

13. Be the belle of the ball.

For a more layered ensemble, why not try going all out with a floor length tulle dress? This dress has so much going on all at once and has an added princess look for those of you wanting to feel extra special. With this draping entity there’s no telling how much attention you might receive, as it certainly makes a brave statement.


14. Add some old school vibes!

Finally, if you’re looking for more ladylike and old school vibes, then this dress is perfect for you. The draping shoulders and soft touch provide an older more sophisticated style , but also a traditional look with a 50’s ballgown touch. For a dress of this design choose softer colours, such as blues and greens; but if you wanting to make a daring fashionable appearance, then why not go for a bright and bold red?

So there you have it, 14 of the most glamour prom dresses and must-have styles of the season. Share what you’re wearing to prom in the comment section down below!
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