5 Good Habits To Improve Your Skin

Sometimes it seems like no matter what you do, your skin isn't getting any better. These 5 good habits to improve your skin are often forgotten, though!

Sometimes it seems like no matter what you do, your skin isn’t getting any better, but perhaps the explanation is the bad habits you do to ruin all your efforts. These 5 good habits to improve your skin are often things that a lot of people forget. They might sound like silly reminders but we all know how hard they are to actually do. Keep them up for 3 weeks straight and they can easily become habits that’ll really change your life. Do it for 3 months straight and you can’t imagine going back ever again! That being said, build some good habits to improve your skin, the sooner the better!

1. Don’t Touch Your Face!

I know. It sounds so basic. We all should be doing it… So why aren’t we? You could be facepalming, resting on your palms or wiping off sweat. Whatever manner you’re doing it, touching your face is introducing a whole world of bacteria and grime to your pores. It may sound like nothing but those babies will sink right and the potential of pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads is too possible for my liking.

5 Good Habits To Improve Your Skin

2. Use Sunscreen

Sun damage is so much worse than you think. It’s aging, it gives you sunspots, and it just makes your old scars darker. Daily use of sunscreen can slowly heal your skin and decrease the appearances of pimple marks if you want an evener skin tone. Speaking of skin tone, without sunscreen, your forehead is way more likely to receive sun than the rest of your face is, resulting in a very uneven skin tone of your face! If you don’t know it, you have to be wearing sunscreen inside as well, the UV rays bouncing off the walls of your room are reflecting back onto your face to cause hidden damages you can’t see. Furthermore, sunscreen only lasts so few hours so they need to be regularly applied throughout the day.

5 Good Habits To Improve Your Skin

3. Double Cleanse

If I can’t say it loud enough for the people in the back, cleanser can’t take off all your make up, and makeup remover isn’t enough to get rid of all the grime! You absolutely need both if you’re wearing makeup on the daily. Make sure your skin is absolutely clean for the full effect of your skincare you’re going to be applying afterward. A gentle way of double cleansing is using an oil-based makeup remover and then using a cleanser afterward.

5 Good Habits To Improve Your Skin

4. Exfoliate

It can be a face mask, chemical peel, or scrub, either way, any of these methods of exfoliating are a good way to reset your skin in between skincare routines. That doesn’t mean to use any one of those every day of the week but every once in a while is a good habit to improve your skin. It strips away your dead skin to bring alive a fresh base to absorb new skincare into. Exfoliators are a great way to remove the hidden demons from your skin that your daily gentle cleanser cannot.

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5 Good Habits To Improve Your Skin

5. Change Your Pillowcase Regularly

After your night skincare routine, the thought of all the residue rubbing off your pillow as you sleep lathers all sorts of bacteria onto both your skin and your pillow. Furthermore, with your hair touching your pillow, all the dirt and oils from that are also accumulating there. For that reason, it’s important to change your pillowcase regularly in order to improve your skin. This doesn’t have to be that often (although the more often the better!), work your way from once a month to twice a month until you can do it weekly!

5 Good Habits To Improve Your Skin

It’s all about the little things you do that improve your skin! What habits on this list did you not know about before that you’ll be trying out now? Let me know below!

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