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10 Glitter Nail Art Designs You Have To Try

10 Glitter Nail Art Designs You Have To Try

Here are 10 amazing glitter nail art designs that you have to try! Have fun! Be bold and creative! There's always an occasion for glitter nails!

Nothing makes you feel as good as a fresh manicure. Just add it to the list of things we have in common with Elle Woods. However, I am speaking about pretty and fun glitter nail art! There are so many designs you have to try!

Nail art is a fabulous, fun and very skilled art. It’s something you can most definitely experiment at home, but let’s face it, it’s so much better leaving our nails to the professionals. That said, you can still have fun trying out different designs. I must stress though, if you’re going for something a little bit special, then go all the way. The Shazam! Glitter glitter glitter. It’s not called glitter nail art for nothing. The good news is, there are so many designs and occasions where you can try out different glitter nail art designs.

So here is a list of 10 glitter nail art designs you have to try. Have fun!


1. Disco nails

Hmmm. I am aware that nobody actually goes to ‘discos’ anymore. However, do you have a party coming up? Well, as heavy as we go on the eye shadow, hit those nails up with some glitter! Our nails deserve as much attention as our hair and make up. Glitter it up! It can be simple (as simple as glitter can be) or extravagant. Have glitter art on every second finger if you’re a bit timid to commit to full blown disco fingers. Or, have the manicurist just brush the glitter on the tips of each nail. I’ll leave the designs up to you, but you have to give it a try! Why should your nails have to miss out on the disco!

2. Wedding

Okay so at the risk of upstaging the bride, your nails should look fabulous at the next wedding! So, without straying from wedding etiquette or theme, this is still a perfect chance for some glitter nail art. Keep it tame with mutual tones, so glittery beige, white, silver or gold. Don’t be afraid to mix it up from the usual block colour either. There are so many cool patterns to try!

3. Easter

Who doesn’t love a good old themed nail. That’s the beauty of nail art. Add a bit of glitter and your nails will nearly be as good as chocolate. Unless you want to experiment with nail art that looks like chocolate. Wow. Easter is a great opportunity to use our favourite colourful eggs for design inspo! Use glitter nail art to transform your fingernails into gorgeous little easter eggs. There are so many designs to try! Just pick your favourite chocolate egg design and go for it!


4. Christmas

Same goes for Christmas. Let your nails be a glittery as tinsel! Christmas nails are the best! You have so many themed patterns and shapes to try! Some people like advent calendars, why not take glitter nail art to the next level and try a new design for the 12 days of Christmas! No, I don’t think that’s outrageous! Outrageously good!

5. New Years

Go big or go home! I’m speaking about your nails. We put in so much effort for new years, so let’s not neglect our nails. New Years is where glitter nail art was born! There are so many designs you have to try! And quite a few New Years Eves to get through!

6. Valentines

Awwww, the cutest time to have the cutest nails. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a relationship or not. Your nails don’t know this. So get into the theme regardless. I instantly think of a glittery red nail. But let’s think better. Why don’t use glitter nail art to draw your significant other’s initials onto each nail! Single? Have your own initials painted!

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7. Bachelorette Party

A perfect night to go hard on the glitter nail art! I’m thinking big, bright colours! Chic, cool and calculated (to resemble the party obviously) It’s girls night!

8. Princess

Maybe there is no other way you can feel like a princess. So let your nails speak for you. Because you are a princess. Glitter nail art is the best way to show exactly what kind of princess you are. So at some stage in your life, have the princess nails you deserve!


9. Getting your life together

Like I’ve said, freshly done nails can make you feel so good! Suddenly every boring, manual movement you make is beautiful and elegant. Pulling toilet paper off the role or hanging your washing on the clothesline suddenly feels goddess-like. So let glitter nail art help you achieve this sensational feeling every day! Try a design that makes you feel like you have your life together! Maybe it’s just a touch of glitter…

10. Drinks with friends

Lucky last! Compare but don’t despair your glitter nail designs with your best friends over drinks! Your friends will be inspired and in turn, their nail art can inspire you!

So, there are 10 glitter nail art designs you have to try! Hopefully, you’re inspired to book a manicure immediately! Or, check your diary and see what’s coming up! Your nails are waiting! Get into the theme! There is always an occasion for fancy, glittery nails!

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