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Glitter Highlights Are Here And We Need You To Rock Them For Pride Month

Glitter Highlights Are Here And We Need You To Rock Them For Pride Month

Glitter highlights are the next big trend on Instagram and here is everything you need to know about them before Pride 2019!

Glitter is a favourite at most Pride Celebrations. Everyone loves glitter. It’s full of colours, just like the Pride flag.

However, it’s really easy to get carried away with glitter. I say this because I think most of us, at some point in our lives, have tried putting glitter in our hair and most of us have then struggled to get that same glitter out of our hair.

Glitter highlights for your hair are rumoured to be the next big trend on Instagram. The catch is that they aren’t permanent and look super cute.


Let me introduce you to GLITTER HIGHLIGHTS!

What are Glitter Highlights

Firstly, balayage is a French term that means to paint or sweep. It’s usually used when referring to a freehand hair colouring technique.

Recently a lot of hair stylists have mixed balayage with glitter and created a new look (and word) called glitterage.


This method involves mixing hair dye and glitter together and painting straight onto the hair. The final look is very subtle, it’s supposed to look like the glitter effortlessly weaves itself into the natural hair.

How to apply glitter highlights into your hair

There are a lot of tutorials online that usually involve a hairdresser painting the glittery formula into the hair.


The Insider interviewed hair stylist, Danielle Wade who said that applying glitter highlights to your hair is very quick and easy but stated that the best way to get this hairstyle done is probably in a salon by a professional hairdresser. Most hairdressers have started to offer their customers glitterage now as it’s become such a huge trend.

Here are some of the best glitter highlight looks out there

1.Beach waves

The first look is subtle but effective. The gold coloured glitter compliments her natural hair colour perfectly and the beachy waves make the whole look seem effortless. This look is really fun and super easy to recreate. Glitter Highlights Are Here And We Need You To Rock Them For Pride Month


Adding glitter to braids might seem a little tricky but hairstylist Danielle Wade says “you can style the hair prior to or you can style the hair after… and add more glitter at the end. Touch it up if you want to.”


Glitter Highlights Are Here And We Need You To Rock Them For Pride Month

3.Hipster Pigtails

This hairstyle is very on trend right now but adding glitter will definitely set you apart from the crowd!

Glitter Highlights Are Here And We Need You To Rock Them For Pride Month



Ponytails are such a classic hairstyle. Everyone knows how to tie a ponytail. But does everyone know how to add glitter to a ponytail? The glitter highlights manage to make this super sleek look kinda edgy.

Glitter Highlights Are Here And We Need You To Rock Them For Pride Month

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How to get it out of your hair

…Once you’re done celebrating of course

Glitterage isn’t permanent and won’t stay in your hair forever.  Danielle Wade states that “It is not a hair colouring process. It is a styling process using colour technique”


“That being said, the glitter can shampoo out of your hair”

Wade also recommends that you try and brush out as much glitter as possible before applying shampoo.

However, if this method does not work here are two other methods that are definitely worth trying:


You could try to blot your hair with hairspray. The idea here is to spray hairspray on a paper towel and gently blot your hair in order to remove the glitter without pulling out any strands of your hair along the way.

Another great way to get glitter out of your hair is actually oil. This method involves massaging any oil (coconut, jasmine, olive, etc.) into your hair, leaving the oil for about 10-30 minutes. Then all you have to do is wash your hair with your normal shampoo and your locks will be left glitter free.


Obviously, there are so many other creative ideas and methods to rock this look, but here are just a few ideas. I hope this article has given you some great tips and ideas if you’re thinking about wearing glitter highlights in your hair to Pride 2019!

Comment below if you can think of any more great ways to wear glitter highlights.