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10 Glitter Face Makeup Looks That Will Have You Sparkling

10 Glitter Face Makeup Looks That Will Have You Sparkling

If you're planning your next festival look you might want to check out glitter face makeup! Get inspired by these looks and feel sparkling!

Coachella may seem far away for some but it is never too early to start planning your festival ready make-up look! Glitter face make-up has been tried and tested as THE look for any festival. These looks will give you all the inspiration you need to be sparkling through life and through your next big event!

1. Eyeshadow

The most simple glitter make-up look to achieve is the eyeshadow. Invest in a pressed glitter palette and play around with the colours! If you need help deciding on your colours, consider the colours of your outfit and how you can match it. If you’re feeling extra fun, try a spectrum of colours to create your own mini rainbow!

2. Lips

Swap out your normal lipstick for some glitter lips! You can cover your lips all in one colour or add dimension by using a different colour on the inside or on the cupids bow. If you’re not sold on the idea of covering your lips entirely in glitter, try some glitter lipliner to spice up your look and really define your lips.


3. Highlight

Make your cheekbones really pop with some sparkly glitter! This trend might be the best use of glitter face make-up to date. It gives you the same function as a highlighter but even more intense. You’ll be ready to blind everyone with your glow at the next event you attend!

4. Eyeshadow Crease

Step up your eyeshadow look with a clean cut glitter crease. This is a look you can implement into your everyday life as well as your next party or music festival. Show off your make-up guru skills and cut that crease with sparkling glitter!

5. Eyeliner

Throw your regular black eyeliner out and turn that signature cat eye into a sparkling glitter cat eye. Pair your glitter with a funky coloured eyeliner for a very festival appropriate look that will dazzle under the lights or simply use the glitter itself to line your eyes. A pop of neon liner will do wonders for your glittery festival look!


6. Under Eye Glitter

Soften your look with some sparkle under your eyes! You can either use glitter eyeshadow under your eyes for a cute vibe or take the look further with some chunky glitter. This look is bound to give you an angelic vibe, perfect for any costume party or for lounging by the pool at Coachella.

7. Freckles

Look celestial with glitter freckles. This look is perfect for special occasions, costume parties, or your next selfie photo shoot. Find glitter that comes in stars and start dotting them over your cheeks with some eyelash glue. You’ll be living your otherworldly freckle dreams in no time at all!

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8. Eyebrows

Make your eyebrows stand out with some glitter! We all love to make our eyebrows look on fleek but it might be time to think outside of the box for a more exciting festive look. Try brushing some glittery eyeshadow into your eyebrows and set the look with a top coat to keep your brows looking good all night.

9. Glitter blush

Have a bit of fun by adding glitter to your cheeks! For a cute vibe, you can brush some glitter onto your cheeks to achieve that youthful and glittery glow. If you’re feeling extra, try painting some glitter hearts or stars on your cheeks. Don’t be afraid to get experimental with your glitter look!

10. Eyelashes

Opt for a dramatic eyelash look to really make your eyes stand out. They aren’t kidding when they say the eyes are the windows to the soul so why not frame them with some dramatic lashes. Glitter mascara can help you achieve this look. If you’re not keen on that, opt for some fake lashes that will be easy to remove at the end of the night.


Overall, glitter face make up has endless possibilities and you should not be afraid to get experimental with it! Which sparkling glitter look will you be going for this festival season?

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