10 Glastonbury Moments That Made Us Say “OMG!”

How amazing was Glasto this year? We watched all the action from the comfort of our sofas, only slightly jealous of everyone in the crowd. With headliners Stormzy, The Killers, and The Cure, how could we not be? All we can do now is relive the festival by looking back at the most iconic Glastonbury moments ever! Here are 10 Glastonbury moments that made us say “OMG!” 

Alex Rapping With Dave

While rapper Dave, famous for his hits like “Funky Fridays” and “No Words,” was hitting the stage at Glastonbury, he asked if anyone knew the words to his song “Thiago Silva” and a boy in the front row immediately raised his hand. And then, NBD, Dave invited him on stage to rap the song with him. He knew every word, went viral all over the internet, and is now pretty much a celebrity, with #AlexFromGlasto trending for most of the weekend.

Now he’s gaining 100,000 followers, is booking club appearances, and has even been on Good Morning Britain. Totally worth the hangover! 

Johnny Marr Performs With The Killers

If you didn’t catch The Killers on Saturday night, we feel sorry for you, because they pretty much stole the whole weekend. After performing all their iconic hits, they brought out legendary indie-rock guitarist Johnny Marr to perform The Smiths “This Charming Man”, and then to play the guitar on “Mr. Brightside.”

As if this wasn’t already the pairing of our dreams, they also brought out the Pet Shop Boys. Glastonbury was the best place to do this, and we’re so glad we got to experience this! We forgot how many amazing tracks they had! 

Lewis Capaldi’s Iconic Entrance

After Noel Gallagher was asked about him in an interview and had no clue who he was, (“Who’s this Capaldi fella?”) Lewis Capaldi took to social media to laugh about it (BTW, his Instagram is the funniest place on the internet). As if this wasn’t enough, he also made his entrance to the Glastonbury stage by playing the clip, then walked out dressed in a Liam Gallagher-esque parka and bucket hat (Noel’s brother, with whom he famously feuds), which he tore off to reveal a Noel Gallagher t-shirt underneath, while “Here Comes The Money” played.  Yep, that’s gonna go down in Glastonbury history.


If you caught Stormzy’s iconic Friday night headline act, you’ll understand why we can’t choose just one moment to talk about. Plus, Banksy designed his outfit.  Not only did he perform all his hit songs, but he also brought out a full choir, a duet from ballet dancers, and had guest features from Dave and Fredo with him.

This, along with the entire crowd chanting along to the words with him, made this an unforgettable set. Stormzy also thanked all the grime artists that came before him that inspired him and everyone who is making music alongside him. 

Lizzo’s Self-Love

We love Lizzo here at Society19! Her new album ‘Cus I Love You’ is banger after banger, and as if her powerhouse vocals weren’t enough, she is super vocal about how important body-positivity is. We totally agree, which is why we loved that she got everyone in the crowd to scream for self-love after her mindblowing set, where she also played the flute! Glastonbury history was made!

David Attenborough

Yes, you read that right. David Attenborough made a brief appearance on the Pyramid stage to talk about saving the planet and his brand new TV show. The crowd went crazy! 

Miley’s Two Personas

After she recently starred as Ashley O in the new Black Mirror, a singer who has a pretty extreme identity crisis, she decided to start her Glastonbury set by performing Ashley’s super catchy hit “On A Roll”, in full costume, pink wig included, before then launching into an incredible set as herself, performing hits from her new album, with some special guests included. 

See Also

Old Town Road

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you’ll have heard Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus’s song “Old Town Road.” It’s pretty much the biggest song in the world right now. Miley Cyrus obviously had the opportunity to bring her dad out for them to perform this, and we’re so glad she did!

The whole crowd sang along, and so did we at home! This one’s been in our heads since it came out, and we don’t think it will be leaving the top of the charts anytime soon! 

Jimmy Carr

Okay, we know we already mentioned The Killer’s set, but everyone watching was very surprised to see British comedian Jimmy Carr sweeping the stage of confetti between The Killers songs. He smiled to the crowd, tidied up and then left. The crowd chanted his name while viewers expressed their confusion, many rewinding their tellies to check it wasn’t just a lookalike. Who knew Jimmy Carr would be headlining Glastonbury?

The Cure

The Cure’s whole set was amazing from start to finish, with their musical talent still just as good as it was when they started. They performed all their biggest hits, like “Boys Don’t Cry”, “Lovesong” and “Friday I’m In Love”. The crowd loved every minute, and so did we! 

What was your favourite Glastonbury moment? Did it make our top 10? Share below!

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Olivia Hawe

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