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15 Gifts For Writers They’re Sure To Love

15 Gifts For Writers They’re Sure To Love

These gifts for writers are going to be perfect for the creative person in your life! Here are our top favorite writing gifts!

Writers can be tough to buy for. People tend to fall on the obvious choices of mugs, notebooks, or t-shirts, and while these gifts can be fun, they can begin to get repetitive and dull for writers to receive. Here are 15 gifts for writers they’re sure to love, and that will make you stand out from the crowd.

1. Door sign

Nothing can be more annoying for a writer than being interrupted mid-creative flow. This door sign is funny, truthful, and makes a handy gift to put a stop to these interruptions, and your writer will be much appreciative.


2. Desk Organiser

Nothing is more damning to the rate of productivity than a messy work-space. A desk organiser will help to keep the space tidy and clutter free, and also enable the writer to keep their ideas organised.

3. How To Books

There are plenty of books out there for improving writing skills. Pick up a book of creative prompts, or a book on plot, characters, setting, or this book, that includes them all. Writers are sure to love this gift as it is not only interesting but useful.


4. Pinboard

This pretty pinboard will not only complete any room, but is also handy for a number of uses. It can be used for general reminders and notes, or the writer can use it to plot out the storyline for any writing, and to keep a track of what they are doing.


5. Games

Writing-based games allow writers to share their interests with others in a fun and competitive environment, while also providing inspiration for writers-block. 

6. Candle

There are dozens of book themed candles that make the perfect gift for writers. They can provide an aesthetic and cozy environment, while also smelling amazing. You can find one themed on their favourite book, general book smelling candles, and you can even create your own. Writers are sure to love this unique gift.


7. Fridge Poetry Magnets

Perfect for sudden bursts of poetic inspiration, or even just for leaving notes to one another, these word based fridge magnets make the perfect gift for writers.

8. Literary Calender

Not only is this a productive gift, but it is also a fun one. Writers embody a combination of love for literature and deadlines, often paired with crippling procrastination. This literary calendar combines these things to produce a fun gift, that will have a place in any writers room whilst also serving an important purpose.


9. Shower Notes

Showers are the worst place for inspiration to hit. Usually you have to desperately try to remember your ideas until your shower is over, or worse yet leave the shower early. With these shower notes this is no longer a problem, and writers can happily jot down all their ideas as they let their creativity flow.


10. Jewellery

Jewellery is the perfect way to show your love for something without being too outlandish. These cute typewriter necklaces make perfect gifts for writers, and there are many other forms of literature based jewellery to choose from, to find the perfect fit and gift for your writer.

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11. Creative Journal

Creative journals make the perfect gift for writers as they allow for freedom of writing creativity, and can be therapeutic as well as fun. Adam J Kurtz has created a variety of fun and unique creative gifts, including this ‘1 Page A Day’ journal, that writers are sure to love.

12. Literary Subscription Box

Subscription boxes can be the perfect easy and long-term gift, as it requires no personal intervention from yourself, but is still a fun and interesting gift. Scribbler in particular markets itself as being the only book for writers by writers, and would therefore be an amazing gift for a writer that they’re sure to love.


13. Comic Con

Events like Comic Con are fun and interesting for everyone, but especially for those with a nerdy streak, as many writers tend to possess. Accompany your friend to a comic con event and it’s sure to make their day. This makes the perfect easy gift, and writers are sure to love it.


14. Book Expo

Another perfect event for writers is Book Expo America, and like Comic Con it would make the perfect easy gift for a writer. Other literary events are also perfect, and will be interesting and useful and writers are sure to love them.

15. Alcohol

If you can think of nothing else, then alcohol is probably a winner (if they’re old enough). Writing all those death scenes can take a toll on a writer and sometimes they just want to relax with a glass of wine at the end of an evening. Or better yet, get a hold of the aptly named ‘Writers Tears’ whiskey.

No matter what you buy for a writer they’re sure to appreciate it, but these are 15 of the more unique gifts for writers that they’re sure to love. If you can think of any others please write them in the comments below, and if you gifted these to someone let us know what they thought.
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