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10 Gifts For Cat Lovers

10 Gifts For Cat Lovers

10 Gifts For Cat Lovers

You may be a cat lover, or you may have a friend or two who are. Cat lovers/owners have particular needs and tastes, much like their feline companions. Here are 10 gifts for cat lovers!

Cat Calendar

Cat lovers never get tired of looking at cats, naturally. It’s a year-round passion. With a cat calendar, they can look at these cuties whether they have to check off a date or look ahead to a future appointment. Basically, all the things that most people do with their phones now. It’s true, not many people use calendars anymore, but if it’s a cat calendar, you can be sure cat lovers will appreciate it. A tabby for March, a Russian blue for August. It’ll bring a smile for every month!

10 Gifts For Cat Lovers


Cat Mug

There are plenty of mugs to choose from, with all sorts of cats decorating the outside. You could buy your cat lover friend a best mum/dad mug, celebrating that parental bond that some folks have with their cats. You could even go the extra mile and customize a mug so that it has a picture of your friend’s cat on it. Wouldn’t that be something?

Cat Wine Stopper

A wine stopper in the shape of a cat that looks like it’s dunking its head into the bottle. It’s adorable and hilarious. You’ve seen the pose before. They make it when sticking their snout into the bin looking for leftovers, or into a bag or box.  All sorts of normal objects become better when you make them in the image of a cat, as much of this list will demonstrate. It’s guaranteed that all cat lovers will agree, at least.

Scratching Post

First thing on the list that’s explicitly for the cats belonging to all the cat lovers out there. If you’re a cat lover that doesn’t actually own a cat, I’m so sorry. There are still things for those unlucky souls on here. Anyway. Scratching post. Obvious, you say? People who own a cat likely already have one, you say? Yes, that’s likely. Buy them another one. Cats get bored easily. They wouldn’t mind another post, and the more of those there are, the less incentive they have to scratch furniture.


Cat Face Passport Holder

For cat lovers who want to show off their love abroad! They have no shame, and rightly so. There’s a huge variety of cat passports to be found, funny ones, cute ones… Okay, they’re all cute and funny. Because they’re fricken’ cats. On a passport holder. There are some really nice ones made out of leather that will make you look like a cool cat. I’m here all week, folks.

Cat Earrings and Pins

Cat lover should always wear their cat pride. I mean, they always do, metaphorically, but why not literally wear it on their person? By using cat earrings, for instance? People may find their cat lover soulmates while wearing those. Or just feel fabulous every time they wear them. Earrings too much for you? Get a cat badge or pin. Then it’s like your part of a club or a party. Cat lovers forever.

10 Gifts For Cat Lovers


Book on Cats

Cat lovers will surely be open to learning more Felis catus. Buy them a book. Something that will look good on the coffee table. There have been countless books published about cats. From short, satirical ‘instruction manuals’ to whole tomes on their biology and behaviour. How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You is a popular one, and Cat Sense dispells all of the misconceptions that exist about them.

Wall Cat Hammock

Cats love to sleep, so giving them a comfy place that they can call their own to do is a must. Why not make it a highly visible place? Cats tend to like being up high, so a wall hammock may be to their liking. And watching them do their incredible leaps is always a laugh. You could make and help set up a hammock for a cat lover you know. They would definitely appreciate it!

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A Box

Have you recently brought a new TV or a bed from IKEA or something along those lines? Don’t throw away the box. Everyone knows cats love to play with boxes. If you know any cat lovers, give it to them! Maybe you’re not super handy, so you don’t see yourself building a playhouse or a hammock for your friend’s cat. And you don’t want to spend a heap of money either. Here’s your solution.

Kitty Egg Mold

Make breakfast more interesting for cat lovers. This is a mold for your fried eggs, that make them come out looking like a cat face. Two yolks for the eyes. The whites form the shape of the head. What more is there to say? Maybe you can add little strips of bacon to make a bowtie.

Cat Print

Time to get artful. Full-on cat lovers have an aesthetic. You guessed it, the aesthetic is that of cats. Buy them a print or a painting that they can hang up in their house. There are varying degrees of quality to find but the bottom line is that if it’s got a cat on it, it’s art. You could blow up a picture of your friend’s cat, give them a portrait. You can give them minimalistic, noirish cats paintings, Warhol style cat prints, Renniasance style paintings. Basically, anything you can imagine.


10 Gifts For Cat Lovers


A magazine by cats, for cats, is how Pussweek is described. I’m sure cat lovers can get something out of it too. It deals with important issues like marking territory, dealing with fireworks, eating, sleep, and nip addiction. Thoroughly insightful and thoughtful content. It rounds up to only 5 issues, so why not give a cat lover you know a novelty item that’s probably rare.

Do you know any cat lovers who would be into any of the items here? Would you buy any of them? Tell us below!

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