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10 Gift Ideas That She Will Melt Over

10 Gift Ideas That She Will Melt Over

We all know how hard it can be to buy gifts for a girl; not only are we picky but if you’re close to us, we have high expectations; it’s almost like a test to see how well you know us. So, to take a little pressure off of you, I am going to give you 10 gift ideas that’ll be sure to melt her.

1. Gin Lover

There’s been a massive gin craze for the past couple of years and as it is usually a lady’s kind of drink, I couldn’t miss it out of this list. Just your standard G&T or pink gin and lemonade are the one but has the girl you are buying for ever tried a gin marmalade?

That’s right, treat her to a tasty gin and tonic spread for her toast in the morning because in my opinion, that’s a great gift idea.

*10 Gift Ideas That She Will Melt Over

2. Photo Print

Every girl is a sucker for photographs; they will usually have a stash of photos hidden away somewhere in which they’d totally frame if they had the space on their windowsill. So, why not give her a picture that’s already framed?!

This copper photo print (that also comes in other metals) is so sweet, it doesn’t take up much space and to make it extra cute you can even personalise it with a little message. Just remember to choose a pic she likes of herself too or it’ll be hidden away like the others.

*10 Gift Ideas That She Will Melt Over

3. Dog Lady

If the girl receiving the gift has a dog, that dog is her baby. I’m not even joking when I say girls take their dog mum title very seriously so why not feed this canine love with a personalised doggy print.

There are many breeds of dogs to choose from and you can even personalise it with the dogs name or even a cute little message. This is woofingly adorable.

*10 Gift Ideas That She Will Melt Over

4. Cushion

Us women do love our interior design and cushions are a massive part of our home’s look. This personalised cushion is a great gift idea if you’re in a long distance relationship with her or if you just don’t live close to your friend because it has a personalised message saying “a great big hug from x amount of miles away” which is enough to melt anyone.

*10 Gift Ideas That She Will Melt Over

5. Bath Lovers

Girls need a good pamper and what better way to make a girl melt than running her a candlelit bubblebath? Especially with this gorgeous personalised ash wood bath caddy which she can place her wine and chocolate on whilst having a soak.

*10 Gift Ideas That She Will Melt Over

6. Even More Gin

I couldn’t just stop at the gin marmalade so here’s a little DIY make your own love potion gin kit. It would be extra melty if you were to make this for her or if you make it together and then you can enjoy a nice G&T over dinner.

*10 Gift Ideas That She Will Melt Over

7. Map Print

Is this girl very special to you and you believe the first day you met is a day she cherishes? Or maybe she or you both share a place in the world that means a lot?¬†Then why not slap the map on a print and jobs a’gooden. Plus, it is rather beautiful.

*10 Gift Ideas That She Will Melt Over

8. Photos Galore

Another gift idea that revolves around photos (because we do love them a lot) is this mini, pull out photo album box which’ll just melt her heart instantly. Fill it with photos of all of your favourite memories together or even from your family photoshoot and you just can’t go wrong.

*10 Gift Ideas That She Will Melt Over

9. Song Lyric Print

If music is a massive passion of hers and she consistently reminds you of her favourite song then again, plop it on a print because it doesn’t get much more personal than that, does it?

*10 Gift Ideas That She Will Melt Over

10. Chocolate

Girls live for chocolate so I could not include it in a gift idea that’ll make her melt. These chocolates are not just ridiculously yummy but they are printed with the amount of days you have loved her? She will be melting as much as that chocolate on her tongue will be.

*10 Gift Ideas That She Will Melt Over

Are any of these gift ideas enough to melt the special girl in your life? Or do you have any gift ideas you’d like to add to the list that’ll also melt a woman? Let us know in the comments below!

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