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10 Gift Ideas For His Birthday He’s Going To Love

10 Gift Ideas For His Birthday He’s Going To Love

Everybody knows how hard it is to buy for your boyfriend, dad, brother or any other male in your life because 9/10 they already have everything they want and then when you go to ask them if they’d like anything they reply with annoying little answers like “dno”… Cheers, that’s really helpful guys.

Today’s article is going to give you 10 gift ideas that he will (we pray) love at least one of. So, sit back ladies, we’ve got you covered.

1. Photo Booth Bookmark

This is for the men in your life that are bookworms; this personalised bookmark will make the perfect gift for someone who always has a book to hand. You can personalise it by using your favourite photos together or even some photos of him and his pet or friends. You can even choose the colours to suit that individual and add a little message at the bottom of the bookmark to make it extra sentimental.


2. Super Socks

This hilarious gift for his birthday will be for the guy that you love to have a laugh with. Who wouldn’t want socks that have your face or a mashed up collage of both of your faces printed all over them? Beats us! These are a great comical gift that’ll be sure to make him smile.


3. Adventure Scratch Map

Is this birthday boy your ultimate travel buddy? If so, what’s a more ideal gift than having a map that he can scratch off the different countries in which you visit together? Or maybe he just does a lot of travelling by himself and you know it’d be a great way for him to keep a record of where he goes.

4. Binary Code Message Key-ring

We all know women love a good key-ring, they usually involve something pink and fluffy dangling off the chain but why can’t a man enjoy a more subtle version for his birthday? This binary code message key ring is not only practical so that he never (well, we can’t say never) loses his keys again but it also has a special touch to it.


You can create a number code to spell out words such as Love or Dad and along with the key-ring there will be a code decipher that they will have to use to crack the numbers. You can also add little pebbles with numbers, letters or symbols on that make it a little extra meaningful; for instance, a number 2 for your two year’s anniversary. Not to mention, you can add to these pebbles for years to come as they are also sold separately.

5. Srprs Me

This is a birthday gift for him that is a little pricier but a very creative way to surprise someone. Srprs Me is a website that basically does what Thomas Cook does but with a slight glitch… You have no idea where you are going until you arrive at the airport.


The only details you will be given are the weather forecast at your surprise destination and the time you need to be at the airport for which you will then be able to scratch the card you were given to find out where you will be jetting off to. Sounds wild right?! This is definitely one for those spontaneous guys!

6. Metallic Personalised Favourite Song Sound Wave Print

Is the man/boy you’re buying for really into their music? Then this print of their favourite song will go down a treat; not only have you taken the time to buy something personal to them but it’ll look extra slick in their office or bedroom.


7. Children’s Interactive Green Glow T-shirt In Black

This is a gift idea for the younger males you are needing to buy for; although, this gift is still acceptable if you’re a 40-year-old big kid too. This interactive glow in the dark t-shirt that you can draw doodles all over will be the coolest top the little dude will own.

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8. Zombie Infection

If it’s his birthday, this is the perfect time to purchase something that’ll test them. We’re talking a gift that’ll really take them out of their comfort zone like a Bungee Jump Experience, a Break Out Experience or if they are a massive Walking Dead fan, why not put them up against some flesh eating zombies?

Zombie Infection is the ‘Ultimate Zombie Survival Experience’ that’ll test your reactions, your speed and your team-work. This experience is available in all major cities such as Liverpool, Sheffield and Nottingham and if you’re not close by, it’s definitely worth the trip. This is an excellent gift for a thrill seeker!


9. 100 Movies Scratch Bucket List Poster

Here’s a gift that’s perfect for the ultimate movie buff! If he claims he’s watched every film under the sun this present will definitely test that theory as it features 100 classic movies that every movie genius should have watched and if they haven’t, least they have motive to now!


10. Tetris Mood Light

This one is suitable for most ages that call themselves a women’s worst nightmare… A gamer. This Tetris lamp would be the perfect addition to his gaming room/office/geek gaff.

Have you gotten his Birthday sorted from any of these gift ideas? Or do you have any unique, quirky ideas of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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