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10 Gift Ideas For Anyone Obsessed With Sausage Dogs

10 Gift Ideas For Anyone Obsessed With Sausage Dogs

Sausage dogs, or dachshunds, have shot to popularity recently due to their quirky looks and loving nature. No Facebook newsfeed is complete without a video of one! And who can argue with that? Here are a few of the best gifts currently online for anyone obsessed with sausage dogs. (You know you are!)

1. This trendy scarf with sausage dogs on it.

Fall is the perfect time for in-between scarves and this scarf from Etsy is perfect for when there is a slight chill in the air. For only £8.20 it can be given as a present to a friend or for a treat for yourself. You deserve it!


2. Or these nifty sausage dogs socks.

The bright colours and unique pattern on these gorgeous socks will make any sausage dog lover’s heart race. This set of 6 socks are all odd so they are a very unique, colour pop product.



3. How about writing with some sausage dogs stationary?

This cute little addition to your desk is perfect for any desk… Whether at home or at university! This cute little gift includes one tape dispenser, 8 bone shaped paper clips and a roll of pink tape. The perfect way to keep organised and tidy whilst appreciating the best breed of them all!

4. This useful tape dispenser that is actually a sausage dog (with dog bone paper clips).

Who wouldn’t want this cute little guy?


5. Some fancy nail decals with sausage dogs on them.

Doing your nails could be your least favourite thing to do… But with these lovely nail art stickers you’ll want to have them on your nails all the time! These handmade items are only £2.50 so grab them whilst you can!


6. This adorable tank specifically for sausage dog mothers.

7. These festive serving platters with sausage dogs on them.

If you’re moving into university halls or would just like to spice up the look of your house then these three sausage dog trays are perfect. These ceramic trays can be bought for £20 from Dexter Doodle but they’re very popular so get them whilst you can!

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8. A special jumper with a sausage dog on it.

It’s not quite cold enough for coats but it’s not warm enough for t-shirts so this is a great in between option. Perfect for the slouchy days that everyone has! This lovely jumper can be bought for £35 from Etsy.

9. A mug that compliments your sausage dog and you.

What a nice message to wake up to every morning as you sip your coffee.


10. A protective sausage dog phone case.

This silicone iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phone case is perfect for protecting your phone and showing your serious love for sausage dogs.


*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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