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20 Gifs That Accurately Describe Being A Student At Coventry University

20 Gifs That Accurately Describe Being A Student At Coventry University

Ever wonder what life is like as a student at Coventry University? Here are 20 gifs that describe Coventry University.

Not that many people know the full extent of what life is like at Coventry University. It is well known for the parties, the city and the great student culture. Here are 20 GIFs that describe the lifestyle of a typical Coventry University student.

1. When you are confused in lectures

We all have our moments when we are sat in a lecture and we have no idea what the lecturer is saying. We are scribbling down notes that don’t entirely make sense and nodding our heads although we are not paying attention.

2. When you try to convince your friends you’re not drunk

People say your time at university are some of the best years of your life. At Coventry University it appears that everyone is trying to live by that. Every week seems to be freshers’ week there. There seems to be at least one party going on every night.


3. But that’s none of my business

There are a lot of things I have witnessed myself that I pretend like I never saw anything. I cannot be alone of this.

4. When your Uber driver takes the wrong turn

Coventry city centre is rather small, so we don’t tend to take buses or Uber’s unless we are going out of the town centre. Catching an Uber back from a night out is something that Coventry University students do frequently. This GIF humorously represents what we think when the Uber driver diverts from the route on the map.

5. When the lecture gets cancelled

We always get excited when we receive that email stating that the lecture has been cancelled. Especially when it is a 9 AM lecture!


6. Meeting new people like

At university you are always meeting new people. You meet new people at societies, events or even in the common room.

7. However, when you’re not feeling particularly friendly

Sometimes we don’t feel like being very sociable. We’re young adults so it’s understandable. At university you are not going to get on with everyone which is normal.

8. When people sit too close

Lecture rooms can be small, but it is no excuse to be invading personal space.


9. When you get a high grade

The work load at university can be intense. When you work hard, and it pays off, you’re allowed to brag a bit about your great achievement.

10. How the lecturers look when they ask a question

Nobody likes the awkward silence when the lecturer asks a question and they await a response. Most people try not to make eye contact.

11. When something doesn’t quite add up

Ever listened to someone’s story and something just does not seem to make sense? I know I’ve heard some interesting stories since I’ve been at university and I do question some of them.


12. When you’re getting roasted by your friends

Are you truly friends if you don’t get roasted now and then?

13. Trying to cook like

At university a lot of students are learning how to cook. I’d be lying if I said the fire alarm didn’t go off at least once a week at my accommodation.

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14. When your bank account balance is lower than expected

We all accidentally over spend sometimes, and then when we check our bank account balance, we act surprised by how low it is.

15. How we dance when we get money

We all get happy when we get our maintenance loan or get paid from work.

16. Going out to a party like

When your outfit looks gorgeous and you know you look nice.


17. When you make eye contact with someone you don’t know

Whether it’s when you’re glancing around the lecture room or you’re in the queue in McDonald’s.

18. When you finish your assignment

The weight that gets lifted off your shoulders when you finally submit your assignment is great.

19. When it’s the weekend

We always get excited for the weekend. For many Coventry University students, the weekend means to go into hibernation and recover from the week you’ve had.


20. Waiting for your friends to get back from their lectures

Sometimes you do get bored whilst you are sat in your room waiting for your friends to return from their lectures.

Those were only a few of the GIFs that accurately describe being a student at Coventry University. If you have any GIFs that describe Coventry University comment down below.

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