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10 GIFs That Are Too Relatable When You’re Stressing About Exams

Feeling stressed about exams? Oh yeah, we’ve all been there! Whether it’s in school, university, or a driving test, exams can be really stressful. After working hard on whatever subject it is all year round, it can be scary thinking that it’s all leading up to this final exam: the real tester. Don’t worry though, no matter the outcome, it’s not the end of the world! Here are 10 GIFs that are just far too relatable when you’re feeling stressed about exams!

1. Trying to Get Organised

The hardest part is always getting started! Trying to get your notes together that you’ve been hastily scribbling down in class is never easy. Sometimes they make so little sense that you just want to throw them all away and start again!

2. Trying To Understand What The Hell Your Notes Mean

The only thing worse than attempting to organise your ridiculous piles of notes is trying to decipher what they mean. Suddenly, you can’t understand your own paragraphs, you discover you stop writing half-way through key sentences and your handwriting looks like chicken scratch. This makes the whole revising malarkey much more difficult than you initially anticipated.

3. Realising How Easily Distracted You Are

One of the toughest realisations during exam time is how easy it is to get distracted – by literally anything. That recipe you’ve been meaning to try but haven’t…time to try it! That old game on your phone you haven’t played in ages and didn’t really like that much anyway? Perfect time to give it a go! Trying to rid your brain of pointless trains of thought and random memories is much more difficult than expected.

4. Dealing With Your Nagging Parents

One of the exam time classic fears is being interrogated by a parent. You’re suddenly being questioned about how much studying you’ve done, whether or not you feel prepared, how everyone else is getting on…the list is endless! Sometimes when you’re really unlucky, you’ll get bombarded with the dreaded practice questions. You find yourself wondering how your mum is suddenly so knowledgable about cell biology. But hey, we love them really!

5. The Stress Of Comparing Yourself To Your Friends

One of the worst things you can do around exams (but definitely something we all do) is compare yourself to your peers. You find yourself wondering why your friend Becca is feeling so confident about the math exam when you feel like your brain is ready to combust. It’s likely your friends are just as nervous as you, but everyone has a different way of showing it.

6. The New Addiction To Coffee

Some of us don’t experience real stress until it comes to exams, and stress can be a very tiring thing. What do we need to help us push through when we’re tired? Good ol’ coffee! The warm, caffeinated goodness can feel like a godsend when algebra is sending you to sleep, but try not to get too addicted!

7. The Sleepless Night Before A Big Exam

There’s nothing worse than having something totally clouding your thoughts, that it becomes impossible to sleep. Suddenly, all your deepest worries and fears about this looming exam in the morning come to the forefront of your mind and sleep isn’t even an option. Try not to panic too much though, your hard work will pay off!

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8. The Dreaded First Exam Question

Everyone’s biggest exam fear is simple: not knowing the answers. What makes this panic even worse is the thought of opening the page and it revealing…a question that you have literally no idea what the answer is. Try not to panic and rack your brain, you can always skip a question and come back to it later!

9. Finding Out How Wrong Your Answers Were After The Exam

Something we all do is run to our friends after the exam and talk about it, sometimes against our better judgement. The best thing to do after an exam is to just keep to yourself and not get yourself in a panic by comparing answers. This is usually the point where you find out two of your friends answers’ were 32, one was 33 and your answer was 188.5. That’s okay though, you never know, YOU might be the one who got the right answer! All will become clear on results day…

10. Receiving That Dreaded Envelope on Results Day

Perhaps the most anticipated day of the year…you can’t wait to see how you did! Opening that official envelope is probably one of the most nerve-wracking moments of the year. Results can vary, and most of the time they’re fine and weren’t worth worrying about – probably even worth celebrating! But don’t let whatever not-so-great results you get break your spirit, you can always take the exam again.

We can all relate to the stress of exam time, so don’t feel weird if it seems like it’s all too much sometimes. Try to stay organised as best as you can. Don’t force yourself to stay up too late cramming because that’ll just stress you out more. Work at your own pace, stay positive and do your best!

Do you have any exam moments that are just too relatable not to share? Share our article and comment below to laugh some more about the horrors of exams!

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