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10 Gifs That Accurately Describe Your Long-Distance Relationship With Your BFF

10 Gifs That Accurately Describe Your Long-Distance Relationship With Your BFF

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Since I moved abroad, I have had to learn to deal with long-distance relationships. With letting go. With missing people. With living far away of people who are important to me and who I could not live without. Although missing people is hard, the reunions are so rewarding. And still… I have them always with me.

In this case, I am going to be writing how it looks like to have a long-distance relationship with your BFF aka best friend forevah.

1.Saying goodbye is the worst.

You have been together a lifetime and now you have to go your separate ways… Hard to imagine, yet even harder to experience. The goodbyes and the last hug for a while will always be one of the hardest moments.

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2.Videocalls are your new favorite thing.

This is your new way of communication. Especially hard if it comes with time difference included. However, it’s worth it, right? Seeing each other’s face again, catching up, hearing your voices and laughing out loud together again.

3.”Reunited and it feels so good” is your new motto.

After being apart for a while, the new reunion feels better than ever. Both of you are always trying to make free days coincide so that you can plan something together and book the cheapest next flight as soon as possible. Counting down the days to your new adventure together is so exciting!

4.Photoshoots, adventures and tourism everytime you see each other again.

You are both in different places but not everything is bad. When you reunite again, each one of you will be invited to the new city or town of the other one and that means you will be travelling, exploring a new beautiful place, meeting different cultures, and taking lots of pictures together to have a book filled up until you can see each other next time!!! Isn’t that such a great plan?

5.Girls Nights Out are even more legendary.

You have to make every minute of your days together worth it so you are living your live as if there was no tomorrow. That leads you to greatest and biggest adventures, especially if you’re partying at night! Be careful! 😉

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6.You will be missing each other all the time until next time.

Yes. That’s simply it. That’s what best friends do when the other one is gone: waiting for them to come again.

7.You ask each other to not find a new best friend.

Because even when distance has gotten in your way, you still love each other. You still care about your friendship and do not want it to be over. And that’s beautiful.

8.No matter what, you are still there in every occasion: supporting in the bad moments…

You promised to be there and you are proving it. No matter the distance and the difficulties, you will still be there for each other, one way or another.

9.And celebrating the good ones.

Because there is no other person who you would rather share a good laugh with.

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10.And your friendship only gets stronger.

The fact that both of you have to be in different places, with different time zones, and not be able to see each other in person in a long time while your friendship never changes, only proves that both of you really care for each other and this relationship so you both know this is forever… And instantly feel blessed.

Once I read a quote I love…

“Distance means nothing when someone means everything”. And that describes your long-distance relationship with your BFF perfectly. Focus on that and remember to tell her/him/them you love them.

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