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10 GIFs That Accurately Describe What Its Actually Like To Be A Student At Loughborough University

10 GIFs That Accurately Describe What Its Actually Like To Be A Student At Loughborough University

You know what they say...a GIF paints a thousand words, so here are 10 that accurately describe what it's like to be a student at Loughborough University.

Loughborough University, the world’s best sporting university and an establishment like no other. Let’s explore the unique and the wonderful that truly encapsulates all that is the ‘Loughborough bubble’. You know what they say…a GIF paints a thousand words, so here are 10 GIFs that accurately describe what it’s like to be a student at Loughborough University.

1. Meeting someone at Loughborough who doesn’t study Sport and Exercise Science

It is to be expected at the World’s best sporting university (let’s drop that in again) that a pretty hefty proportion of the student population will study sport and exercise science. But the thrill of hearing an alternative course name never dies.

2. Singing ‘Loughborough Walks on Water’… its a spiritual experience

Loughborough walks on water, and we’ll jump at any opportunity to tell you. Post-BUCS match, Victory bar, the Union, an away day bus, a changing room… it’s the motto we know and love, and the chant sticks with you like your shoes stick to Echoes floor on a Saturday night. #WOW


3. TGIW: Thank God it’s Wednesday

Wednesday is our holy day. Dressed, unashamedly, head to toe in pink and purple stash, the AU clubs assemble across campus ready for BUCS. It’s the highlight of the week and the buzz doesn’t stop until Thursday comes around.


4. Seeing VC Bob around campus

You hear his name, you read his statements, but seeing VC Bob in the flesh is just a little bit exciting.


5. BUCS champions for 36 years

The proof is in the pudding when it comes to our sporting prowess. The 2015/16 season saw us become BUCS overall champions for the 36th consecutive year. Not bad. When will the run ever end?! With Luffs currently sitting in 1st place, nearly 1000 points ahead of rivals Durham in the BUCS table, it seems that 2017 won’t be the year.

6. The Loughborough baptism


Sitting conveniently adjacent to the Union, and greeted regularly by staggering students, a dip in the fountain is no doubt one of the many rites of passage at Loughborough. The drunken fountain dip is a post FND must-do.

7. Finding a free desk in Pilkington is serious business during exam time

You’d think the 4 floors in Pilks could cater for the surge of pre-exam fear-filled students…wrong. Pilks becomes a battle ground, and a tactical approach is often key. Timing is crucial. Sleep in, and you risk resorting to the shameful lap around the floors, awkwardly eyeing the already smug and settled early-risers filling the desk spaces.

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8. Getting your car on campus is a feat worth celebrating

Preparing your story, and executing it to perfection. The red and white barrier lifts and you’re on campus. Success relies on a strong and believable story. ‘Dropping off at…’, ‘dropping library books…’ and ‘medical centre appointment’ are all favourites. Nail your story and your poker face and the security guards will raise the bar faster than Loughborough rises through the University rankings.



9. Scraping together a Hey Ewe social costume

Short notice for a Wednesday social is evident in some of the sights seen at a Wednesday Hey Ewe. Tragic animal attempts and homemade 118 attire gone wrong, no doubt some AU clubs decide the theme merely hours before heading to the Union.

10. Loughborough campus as a fresher was a lot more daunting than it is now

Loughborough is one of the biggest campus universities in the UK, so no wonder campus life seemed a little confusing back in the day. Now as an accomplished Loughborough student, the campus map, route shortcuts and building codes are all second nature, and the days of setting off  30 minutes prior to a lecture are long gone.

What are your favorite GIFs that accurately describe what it’s like to be a student at Loughborough University? Comment below!
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