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10 Gifs That Accurately Describe Being A Student At UCA

10 Gifs That Accurately Describe Being A Student At UCA

If you're a student at UCA then you can probably relate to at least some of the GIFs within this article. See which is your favourite!

Over the last three years, I’ve gone through all the ups and downs that university had to offer and believe me, studying at a fashion university definitely had more downs. So it’s no surprise that there are countless gifs attributed to studying at UCA Epsom and here are just 10 that accurately describe being a student there.

1. Coffee and A Shot of Cynicism

I began watching Gilmore Girls for the first time during my second year at UCA and honestly, no one described studying there better than Lorelai Gilmore. Thank God for her witty retorts that so accurately portrayed life at my university – buckets full of coffee to keep me roused and suspecting everyone of being out for themselves, which for the majority of my time at UCA was true. At least the Gilmore Girls got me through.

2. What makes you better than me?

Ah, yes. This is so accurately describes being a student at UCA. You see, the majority of people on campus looked at others as though they were dirt and although it’s hard to ignore their judging, it is actually much easier to wonder why they’re suddenly so much better than them? And you think I’m talking about just the students, but no the professors do it to. It’s always about the money and with most people at UCA it’s always the case.


3. I have no idea what I’m doing

There is no gif better to describe being a student at UCA Epsom than this one. Throughout my three years studying there, I spent most of that time wondering what the hell I was supposed to be doing. Outfit choices, deadline pieces, even cooking dinner had me second guessing myself and after a while, all of it blended in to one and the notion of having a clue what I was doing went totally out the window. Welcome to being a student at UCA I suppose.

4. Imma Sleep on the Floor

Because that’s the only place I could afford to sleep during my final year at UCA. The final major project of year three was to create a magazine entirely funded by me meaning the photoshoots, the clothing, the printing costs – all me. The professors told us we should probably save up between two hundred and seven hundred pounds so on top of food, rent, bills and the magazine I was so far out of pocket that I may as well not even have had any. So this gif couldn’t describe being a student at UCA more accurately.

5. I don’t want to work with all these f***ing people.

For starters, finding things in common with people on your course at UCA is more difficult than trying to find a Freddo for 5p and when you’re made to work with imbeciles who only care about themselves, well, there isn’t a gif that could describe being a student at UCA more perfectly.


6. People are frightened of Fashion.

You can’t get more accurate gif to describe being a student at UCA.While I was a student, I was terrified all the time about what I wore, what I should be wearing and if I should be liking everything on the runway – the university didn’t provide any solution for my fear. I ended up teaching myself that there was no need to be scared, fashion is subjective after all, but even after 3 years of studying Fashion Journalism I was still completed terrified by the fashion world. You can’t get more accurate gif to describe being a student at UCA.

7. She’s not happy unless everyone around her is panicked, nauseous or suicidal

Here’s just another accurate portrayal of student life at UCA Epsom. I had a professor in my first year, who was the epitome of Miranda Priestly, right down to the glasses. She terrified me. Once, I proved her wrong and she made me a look a complete idiot in front of my fellow classmates. I suppose she did me a favour in the long run, but I was certain she’d never be happy unless I was miserable. Good thing there’s a gif to sum up exactly how I felt about her.

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8. Who Even Cares?

By the time April rolled around each year, I ended up exactly like this gif, especially in my third and final year. I don’t think this gif is selective to only UCA, though if I’d stuck to my original plan I’m sure I would’ve been happier. Once I reached the end of the year, my care for everything including my style, my work ceased to be. Just another example of being a student at UCA accurately summed up in a gif.

9. Am I crying or laughing?

An accurate description of being a student at UCA wouldn’t be complete without this gif because most of the time, I was doing either/or both. More than having to worry about deadlines, I had to worry about internships, what people thought of how I looked, how I dressed, what was in my bank account and countless other things that weren’t even closely related to university. What a great three years.

10. *Rolls Eyes*

Nothing much needs to be said about this one, except I probably spent more time rolling my eyes as a UCA student than doing my dissertation. In fact, I couldn’t possibly find another gif to accurately describe being a UCA Epsom student than this one right here.

These 10 Gifs have accurately described how much I despised life as a UCA student. What GIFs describe your experience? Tell us in the comments!
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