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10 Gif’s That Accurately Describe Being A Student At The University Of Exeter, Penryn Campus

10 Gif’s That Accurately Describe Being A Student At The University Of Exeter, Penryn Campus

If you attend the University of Exeter Penryn Campus then these Gif's will relate to your college experience. Which do you relate to the most?

Penryn Campus, an intermingling of students from the University of Exeter and Falmouth University, with roughly 5000 students, offers an intimate university experience with no sacrifice of excitement and entertainment. Despite being the smaller campus for the University of Exeter, this campus and the students sure pack a punch, and there is no doubt that they’re up there with the best. With campus life, student nights, early lectures and late nights, there are several experiences shared by every student who attends this university. Here are 10 gifs that accurately describe being a student the University of Exeter, Penryn Campus.

1. Being plunged into adulthood

Your parents drop you off, you unpack, meet your flatmates, and then suddenly realisation hits you; you’re living on your own, you don’t know anyone, and you have to take care of yourself full time. Time to embrace independence and (a unique kind of) adulthood. But don’t worry, you’re not alone.

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2. Cod on the Corner

No night out is complete without Cod on the Corner. When you’ve left the club and you’re not ready to go home, the bus isn’t for another 30 minutes, and you’re craving unhealthy food, students turn to this legendary chip shop, where hordes of students will line up outside for that special 2am eating experience.

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3. Falmouth vs Exeter

A campus consisting of students from two very different universities; Exeter, consisting of English, business, biology, geology, among other courses, and Falmouth, which consists of creative students studying dance, art, and music. Conflict can run high, jokes are made, but all in all it creates an interesting dichotomy, where despite no one really understanding each other, you can at least appreciate the different forms of study.


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4. Fitfinder

A secret wish of many students on Penryn campus is to be mentioned on the student Fitfinder facebook page, a site where people can share their appreciation for attractive strangers. This divisive form of appreciation, attempts to connect with people, and even entertainment, is a staple of the university campus, and many people frequent the page to share their opinions, jokes, memes and more.

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5. Spending all your money on Domino’s

A student diet staple, alongside the pasta and noodles, is no doubt the Domino’s pizza. With the late-night deliveries, the constant stream of discounts, and the close proximity of the store in Falmouth, all Penryn campus students know the impossible struggle of battling this desire.

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6. CSM Students

Loud and full of character, the geology, mining, and engineering students from Camborne School of Mining have made a name for themselves with their stereotyped ‘lad’ reputation. They divide the opinions of other students on Penryn campus every year, but despite this they bring entertainment, atmosphere, and a passion for the university. From raging nights out, to uniting sports events, the campus wouldn’t be the same without them.


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7. Deadlines

Every student can relate to the stressful and divisive environment around deadlines, with a silent library suffocating under the buzz of stress. But at least you can look forward to the celebration that always follows, as you rid yourself of the burden of essays and taste freedom once again


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8. Death of Mangos

A historic event in the experience of students at Penryn campus was the closure of Mangos in 2016. But don’t worry folks, this year Mangos is back and better than ever. Unfortunately, we have had to say our goodbyes to another legendary venue, Mono. Will our suffering never end?


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9. Student night

Deadlines, 9am lectures, lack of money, nothing will stop you from going out on student night. Thursdays are marked by discussions over where pre-drinks will be held and what people are wearing, followed by a night of too many cheap drinks and dancing. Of course, you’ll probably go out again on Friday and Saturday night, but that’s student life.

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10. Club I

Where to begin with Club International? Students start their night planning to keep clear of this bizarrely carpeted hell-hole, and then wake up the next morning with a strong sense of regret and a wrist stamp that takes days to wash off. Every student at Penryn campus has experienced at least one night in Club I, and really it’s not that bad, once you get used to it. At least that’s what we tell ourselves.

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These gifs describe the collective experience of students at The University of Exeter Penryn Campus, but if you think anything is missing then please let us know in the comments below.
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