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10 Gifs That Accurately Describe Being A Student At LJMU

10 Gifs That Accurately Describe Being A Student At LJMU

Being a student at LJMU has a lot of memorable times and places to reminisce on. Check out these gifs that describe your time there!

Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) is an amazing university to attend in Liverpool. You can always go on a night out or into town and meet someone else from LJMU. You have that healthy competition from surrounding universities that they take so seriously, but you know you’re at a damn good uni that cannot be compared to the lesser ones. You’re in the most comfortable safe spot! And you should be proud of it!

Here’s 10 Gif’s that accurately describe being a student at LJMU, some serious, some hilarious, and some that on true LJMU students have the inside knowledge to understand.

1. University of Liverpool

Yes, you hear it on all the nights out, University of Liverpool is better than LJMU, why you ask? Because they needed higher grades to gain entry. But because of this all we can imagine them doing is things like, studying, playing chess, studying some more, going to lectures, and yup you guessed it, studying even more! And although this is a perfectly normal and acceptable thing to do at uni, LJMU students just know how to have more fun! Yes, we work hard and we earn our degrees, but we also know the value of letting your hair down and saying f*** my coursework tonight I’m going to Bumper!


2. Liverpool Hope University

This is the complete opposite of Uni of Liverpool. For those of you who don’t know Liverpool Uni of is a perfectly fine university to go to. However, that doesn’t stop us from having some fun by teasing them about their low entry grades and far-out uni campuses. Just a little ego boost for the students of LJMU.

3. LJMU Parties

If You have ever watched the film Animal House (if you haven’t, you need to, it’s all the best uni experiences summed up into one film) LJMU parties and pre-drinks resemble quite a similar scene. We love a good party. Whether it’s a dress-up party or a foam-party or a neon rave, you can be safe assured that LJMU students will be out in the masses. Someone will end up too drunk to walk. People will get injured and someone in the group will hook up with someone they shouldn’t. Oh its definitely a memorable sight.

And if you don’t remember it, you clearly had the time of your life.


4. Bumper

If you read the name Bumper earlier and got those nostalgic little goose bumps at the sight of its name, then you are a true JMU student. It doesn’t really need much more explaining. Every Tuesday night, so full you were lucky if you could find a place to dance. So many memories, but alas! Bumper is no more, but the memories will be some of the best we ever had as students.

5. The first time you drank with your Lecturer

We’ve all done it. That first time you went down to the Pilgrim the minute your deadline was past. Looking forward to your £1 bottle of Carlsberg, to find your lecturer sitting at the bar with a bottle themselves. I mean I guess it makes sense, their deadline has passed too, and with it the throng of stressed out students all asking the same three questions about how to submit it on blackboard. Well those were always fun nights, seeing your lecturer drunk. And weirdly realising, as we always forgot, that we are actual adults now, even if we don’t always feel like we are.

6. The John Foster Building

The only thing more terrifying than finding out you had a lecture in the John Foster Building, was finding out you had two. Such a beautiful building should not be so treacherous as to get you lost at every turn. No one can find their way round it. If you can you are definitely a genius. Every time you were late to your lecture, sweet relief would come when you realised your lecturer coming in the door behind you and saying “Sorry I’m late, this building is a bloody nightmare.”


7. Redmond’s Building Starbucks

We all know how excited we all got when we first saw the Starbucks café of the ground floor of the Redmond’s building. We all knew we would spend so much money there, and would look like a stereotypical cool student strutting into lectures with your Starbucks take-out cup with your misspelt name in big black sharpie. So much money spent on coffee, and was it worth it? YES!

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8. The basement coffee vendor

It’s not as horrific as it sounds, or maybe it was, but we were past the point of no return. When you get to the end of the semester and you’re waiting for your student finance to grace your bank account again, you realise you’ve become entirely dependent on coffee. You haven’t got enough money to get that heavenly Starbucks, but what do you have? All those ten and twenty pence piece’s you found in every crevice of your halls. £1 Coffee’s from that vending machine saved us all in those last weeks of deadlines.


9. When the coffee vending machine disappeared

It literally disappeared, one afternoon it was there the next morning it was gone! How were we meant to survive without our terrible tasting £1 coffee? The coffee that we’d grown so accustomed to that we didn’t even mind the horrible, dishwater-like, bitter taste.

So rudely taken from us was our little trooper, the coffee vending machine, and not so much as even a note was left in its place. No explanation as to why he had to leave us. Another LJMU mystery that will never be revealed.

10. Aldham Robarts Library

Even in our time of need there was always the coffee machine at Aldham Robarts Library. Even if it was more expensive. LJMU must break the record of how many students ACTUALLY use the library when it comes to deadline time, even though we laughed and swore we wouldn’t be those people who went to the library to study, how hilarious would that be.


But everybody ended up there, either for the change of scenery, the books, the free printing or the feeling of being amongst all your fellow brethren, all struggling for that same goal, to hit those deadlines and get that bloody degree!

Yep Liverpool John Moores University is amazing. Despite what anyone says, we love it and were proud to be its students. Tell us what you love about LJMU in the comments below!

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