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10 Gifs That Accurately Describe Being A Student At Lancaster University

10 Gifs That Accurately Describe Being A Student At Lancaster University

Lancaster University makes its students experience a wide range of emotions. These GIFs accurately describe what being a student there is like.

Being at Lancaster University can be stressful, frustrating and amazing all at once. From experiencing the northern winds, to the spine, to the nights out in Sugar, each day at Lancaster University is a roller coaster of emotions.

1. When you get a notification on iLancaster about the latest Spine diversions

Nobody likes the Spine. Even the builders seem to have little confidence in its construction and durability. But the worst feeling is when you’re rushing to a lecture all the way from Cartmel, with the rain beating against you and you feel your phone vibrate with an update from iLancaster. The way you were going to your lecture is closed for the rest of the week… Deep breath Lancaster students. You’ll be okay. Only another 20 years till the Spine will be complete and you can amble to your lectures calmly.

2. The gale force winds that last the majority of the year

I lost 5 umbrellas to the Lancaster University wind last year. One I had bought especially to survive the constant storm of Lancaster. I was positive it was unbreakable, it would survive and keep me dry for sure. But the wind had other ideas, walking up past the library the wind bent each bar inwards before ripping the plastic covering from the umbrellas body, breaking not just the umbrella but my spirit that day.


3. Turning up to a lecture still hungover from Student Night at Sugar

Sugarhouse on a Wednesday night was an event that a lot of students refused to miss, even if it meant sacrificing their 9am the next morning. You’re only paying £9000 to be here, what’s one lecture going to hurt. Luckily most lecture theatres have padded seats and the desks are at a perfect height to rest your tired eyes and banging head.

4. Lining up for a Greggs no matter what

For a lot of students, it seems like they wouldn’t make it through the day without a pit stop at Greggs for a quick sausage roll. The queue will stretch out into Alexandra Square as more students join, willing to withstand the weather for the golden goodness that awaits them inside.

5. Stumbling into Sultans after a failed night out

Sultans is truly the saviour of failed nights out. One of your friend’s sick on the bus to town? Let’s just go Sultans. Got an emotional drunk with you who won’t stop crying? Just go Sultans. You cannot go wrong with their curly fries or cheesy garlic bread. It will fix everything.


6. Cramming onto the Sugar Bus no matter how full it looks

In my opinion there needs to be more buses to and from Sugar on a Friday Night. The underpass is utter chaos with beer cans on the floor and boobs popping out of tops that are a bit too revealing. And when all of this is trying to squeeze into one very small bus, it gets a bit too much. Especially if you’re not drunk enough to join in with the chanting on the way to town.

7. Seeing one of your friends hasn’t made it onto the bus

The horror of the doors closing and you catching the eye of your friend on the other side of the window is a feeling of true heartbreak. You’ll start shouting at the bus driver to open the doors, nobody gets left behind! But he won’t listen, and you’ll be left sobbing against the window as the bus pulls away.

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8. When you open the door to Sugar and the smell hits you

I know the carpets in Sugar have now been replaced but the smell will never leave my mind when I pish open the doors. No matter how drunk you are, this smell will soon knock you back into your senses. Imagine gym changing rooms, meet smelly feet, meet vodka killed sick. Or don’t imagine it. Probably for the best.

9. The panic when Extrav tickets go on sale

Extrav is supposedly Lancaster University’s biggest time for partying. It’s a huge send off for the end of the year to celebrate finishing exams and generally getting the hell out of there for the next 3 months of summer. Which college event you go to will say everything about how your night will turn out so be quick, you don’t want to get stuck with Farmfest again…

10. The heartbreak when you can only get Cartmel

Poor old Cartmel. It always pulls the short straw, and so do any students who end up here for Extrav. Even if you’re a Cartmel student, don’t feel like you owe the college your loyalty or anything. The reality of the event will be a disappointment and you’ll be home by 12 at the latest. Or in Sultans.

Are you a student at Lancaster University? What GIFs do you think describe being a student at Lancaster University? Tell us in the comments!
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