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10 Gifs That Accurately Describe Being A Student At Coventry University

10 Gifs That Accurately Describe Being A Student At Coventry University

Being a student at Coventry University comes with a lot of different experiences. Here are some GIFs that describe those experiences.

In the distant past, Coventry was the capital city of our beloved country. Now I’ve come and gone from the place and experienced it first hand, here are 10 gifs that I think accurately describe the trials and tribulations of being a Coventry University student.

1. “Kasbah tonight, yeah?”

Where else would we be going, really? It’s not like we have a lot of choice!


2. Following that, fingers crossed that it’s not too late to get your hands on a Kasbah burger.

Make it a double. Cheese, please. Put more of it on the side if you can. Yes, I’ve paid. (Actually, it was the girl next to me but she’s too plastered to notice. Quick! Escape!)

3. “I was in the library all night. Slept on the bean bags and everything.”

You have to commend these students. Not only did they actually go to the library to do their work, but they also made it up the stairs to get to the grass area to make use of those bean bags. That’s dedication to the cause.


4. Living on the £1 personal pizzas from Dominos on Far Gosford for the majority of Freshers.

Running late to an induction lesson? Pizza. Can’t be bothered to cook? Trip with your Dominos bag to get more pizza. Drunk at 3AM in Empire? Daydream about the cold pizza you have leftover in the fridge.


5. “Wait? I thought that was due next week!?”

There’s nothing better than finding out from your course mate that your essay, worth half the module’s grade, is due exactly 83 hours sooner than you expected. Goodbye, sleep!

6. Being given online work and knowing it’s a free pass to go to Spoons instead.

It’s only worth 20%? Hell yeah! I’ll just ace the rest and the grade will be decent. I think. How bad can it be?


7. Braving Benny’s in the hopes that you won’t get food poisoning because the food prices are just too tempting.

5 chicken wings for £2.50? That’s a steal. Pray for my insides, please. I’m going in.

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8. “What do you do?” “Engineering!” “Oh, wow, that’s so… interesting… what kind?” “I’m doing Automotive but I’m already planning on doing a Masters and then–“

Oh, sorry. Yeah, I’m just taking it all in by closing my eyes. Keep going! Zzz….

(Just kidding, guys. You do you.)


9. Proposing a night out in Birmingham but staying home getting drunk in the house instead.

Train at 1AM or an expensive taxi back? Nah. Pass the Blossom Hill. Get the Britney Spears on.


10. The whole Coventry versus Warwick debate and who is *actually* the better uni.

Spoiler alert, Coventry University is far superior to Warwick. We outnumber you and, also, you suck at the party games in Kasbah. I’d say that’s a good enough argument. It’s war.

Are you a current or past student of Coventry University? Let me know in the comments below!
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