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Gifs That Accurately Describe A Messy Night Out

Gifs That Accurately Describe A Messy Night Out

If you've had a messy night out in the past, then you can probably relate to at least a couple of the GIFs that we have listed here!

Everybody loves a good messy night out every once in a while – there’s really nothing quite like a night where your biggest achievement is that you made it back with both your shoes and no sick on yourself. However, if you’re not up for a real life messy night out, here’s some gifs that accurately describe a messy night out.

1. When You’re Getting Ready And You’re Feeling F-I-N-E

We’ve all been there – you’re in your room, your party playlist is blaring, you’re still not quite dressed but you’ve got most of your makeup on and you’re one drink in. You’ve already spammed your girls’ group chat with a load of selfies and messages about how tonight is the night, and your girls are supporting the hell out of you. You’re feeling fresh to death and ready to party.

2. When You Get To Pres

There is nothing better than getting to pres just a little bit waved and being greeted by all your friends who are on the same level as you. Cue a ton of drinking games which will only make your group more messy.


3. When You’re In The Taxi

The taxi is where it’s at in terms of suddenly coming to terms with the sheer amount that you’ve drunk that night – it’s not going to stop you from telling your friends multiple times that you should get shots as soon as you get to the club, and filming you all drunk screeching along to whatever tunes the taxi driver has playing.


It’s time, you’ve made it to the bar, and you’re about to make the first big mistake of the evening – getting shots. Who cars though, because the drunk party girl version of you wants tequila, and that’s what she’s going to get.


5. When You’re Dancing

No matter who you are, once you get a few (too many) drinks in you, you think that you’re the best dancer in the universe. On a messy night out, this effect is x1000. Luckily, all your mates are dancing the same way as you, anyway.

6. When You Spot A ‘Cutie’

Let’s be real, the pinnacle of a messy night out is a least one of your group pulling someone that you all know is not a good idea. However, just try telling the person who’s getting with them that – they probably think they’re prince charming.

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7. When You Decide You Want To Leave

If there’s one thing everyone knows, it’s that when you;re super drunk, you want food more than anything else, and when you start to want food you will do literally anything in your power to get the food, including marching all over the club, trying to wrangle your mates together so you can get pizza.

8. When You Finally Get Your Drunk Food

Drunk. Food. Is. The. Best. Hands down, whatever you eat drunk, even if you’d think it was disgusting sober, it’s going to be the best thing you’ve ever eaten, Never mind the fact that you’ve probably spilled it down your front and one of your mates in vomming outside the kebab shop/chippy/pizza place of your choosing, all you care about is cramming as much carby goodness as you can into your mouth.

9. When You Finally Make It Home

You may have danced all night, made some questionable life choices and put some people off pizza for life, but you did it. You made it home. Time to chug some water and completely collapse onto your bed for some good sleep.


10. The Next Morning

Your makeup is still on, you’re still in the clothes you wore last night and your head is absolutely pounding. You blearily look at your phone and notice that you’ve got a ton of notifs from your friends all roasting you about your antics the night before. ‘Never again…’ you groan to yourself, but deep down you know it’s only never again until the next night out.

Which gif is most relatable to you on a messy night out? Let us know in the comments!
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