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10 General Health Tips That Will Make You Feel Better

10 General Health Tips That Will Make You Feel Better

Here are some general health tips that will help you lead a healthier lifestyle! Whether you are a man or woman these simple health tips will ensure you feel better!

Now that summer is upon us and we are all working tiresomely to get the perfect beach bod, we need to remember to look after our selves both inside and out. As lovely as the hot weather is it can play a toll on our skin, diet and mind. So here are 10 general health tips to help keep you feel better, fresh and up beat this summer.

1. Water

Make sure to drink at least 3 litres of water a day. Not only will it keep you hydrated when you’re in the sun but it will also help stop bloating. Water intake is also proven to be linked to your complexion so make sure to drink a lot to keep those pesky spots at bay; there’s nothing worse than having a flawless beach bod and un-flawless skin. Although this is a well-known fact, it is one of the most important general health tips!

2. Don’t Skip Breakfast

I know it is easy when it’s hot to lay in in the mornings, which is fine to do, but make sure you still eat breakfast. It’s common to think: ‘I’ll just wait til lunch, it’s only a few hours away’, but this is worse for your body. Breakfast kick starts your energy levels, so if you wait until lunch your first few hours of the day will have you feeling rundown and lacking concentration. Even if you have something small like a piece of fruit or some cereal you will be refuelling your body’s glucose levels and lowering your cholesterol which will make you feel better.


These general health tips can help anyone lead a better lifestyle!3. Go Outside

Even on the cloudy days go outside and catch some rays to feel better. The glorious sunshine will provide you with the vital vitamin D; so not only will you catch a tan but you’ll lower your blood pressure, improve muscle growth and increase your serotonin levels which will make you feel better and much happier. Obviously remember your sun cream though, so you don’t let the UV rays harm your skin.

These general health tips can help anyone lead a better lifestyle!

4. Avoid Excessive Alcohol

This tip takes us back to tip number one. Summer is a prime time for BBQ’s and garden parties, but if you indulge in excessive alcohol drinking at these events you may as well have ignored tip one. This is because alcohol dehydrates you; it decreases the body’s production of anti-diuretic hormone, of which allows you to reabsorb water. So if you drink in excess and go over your limit you are not only risking an embarrassing scene, where you pass out or vomit, but you’re actually causing your body to loose fluids.


5. Eat More Fruit and Veg

I know this tip probably seems obvious and you have probably been told it a thousand times, but that’s just because it’s true. Eating more fruit and veg doesn’t only aid a balanced diet but eating your leafy greens will help reduce the risk of many diseases, including heart disease, high blood pressure. If you don’t fancy them in a meal why not throw a few berries into a smoothie; have it for breakfast and that’s two top tips ticked.

These general health tips can help anyone lead a better lifestyle!

6. Wash Often

This tip isn’t straight forward. The average person could actually get away with showering 3 times a week, but this depends on what you do in your day to day life. If you live an active lifestyle and spend hours in sweltering heat then you need to wash more frequently than someone who does nothing all day. The key to washing in summer is to rinse your body rather than scrub it; washing too often with a lot of soaps and scrubbing will remove your body’s natural oils and cause you to dry out. Instead rinse yourself in water, focusing on your armpits, neck and back, to remove any excess dirt that’s built up under your clothes to prevent spots and odour.


7. Smile!

Smiling will not only cheer up others around you and improve your likability but will also make you feel better yourself. Smiling is proven to reduce blood pressure and also reduce your heart rate during stressful tasks whether you’re happy or not. Of course smiling is also associated with laughter which can be a natural pain relief; when you smile and laugh your body releases its own painkillers which improves your pain threshold over time. So if you are in pain or just feeling down watch a funny movie or hang out with family and friends who can make you chuckle. This is definitely one of the simplest yet most important general health tips!


These general health tips can help anyone lead a better lifestyle!

8. Read a Book

Whether it be a magazine, travel guide, huge novel or even a picture book, reading and focusing on images and words on a page reduces your body’s stress levels. In the summer months this proves especially beneficial because it continues to stimulate your mind and improve concentration when you aren’t attending school or university. If you’re lucky, reading will also improve your knowledge and vocabulary expansion which is a win win if you ask me.

9. Go For a Run

I’m not suggesting you go for a sprint but a light jog for even 10 minutes will be beneficial to your health. Running sensibly improves your joints and will reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by as much as 50 per cent as it helps regulate your body’s production of insulin. Running can also help your mental health too; brain chemicals and hormones are released when you run, helping to ease stress and anxiety and treat depression.

These general health tips can help anyone lead a better lifestyle!


10. Take Some Time for Yourself

In order to relax and enjoy life you need to be able to enjoy time alone. Often solitude is seen as an enemy and people work themselves up over the fear of being alone but once you embrace it you will begin to concentrate easier and maximise productivity. I’m not suggesting to spend days or even hours alone but taking as little as 20 minutes a day for yourself will reboot your brain and enhance the quality of your relationships with others, as you will being to appreciate yourself and others more. Taking time for yourself is one of the most vital general health tips!

Do you agree that these general health tips can help you lead a healthier lifestyle? Let us know in the comments!

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