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5 Games Every Adult Needs To Play

5 Games Every Adult Needs To Play

5 Games Every Adult Needs To Play

Are you planning on hosting a games night soon but you’re a bit bored of the same old games like Monopoly and Cluedo because they tend to end the night in a massive bicker? Or maybe you want to get to know your party a bit more by testing the boundaries?

Well, look no further because today’s article is here to hopefully introduce you to a few games that you and your adult friends will enjoy because everyone’s in need of a little cheeky fun every now and then.

1. Cards Against Humanity

I’m sure you knew this card game was coming but is it really an adults only game night without Cards Against Humanity? I think not. This game is brutally funny and is definitely not one for the easily-offended but if you’ve got a slight sense of dark humour you need to have a go.


The aim of the game is to have the most cards at the end; you all get given 10 white cards and then you each take in turn to be the ‘Card Czar’ who chooses a black card to speak out to the rest of the players and then they will have to choose from what white cards the players have chosen from their hands to fill in the black cards blanks.

You will learn a lot about the people you’re playing with in this dark, savage game.


2. Scrawl

This twisted, crude and hilarious version of Pictionary will have you and your friends howling. The aim of the game is to draw whatever ridiculous prompt is on your chosen card and whichever disastrous drawing or guess that makes you laugh the most, wins that round. The first player to win two more points more than the number of people playing is the winner.

You’ll either be crying with laughter at what the card is telling you to write or what horrendous doodles people have got up their sleeves.

3. Exploding Kittens

Think Russian Roulette but with cats. If you pick up an exploding kitten, boom you’re out of the game. Unless you have a defuse card which rules out the explosion by a catnip sandwich or other bizarre help card or you can also skip your turn, attack other players, secretly relocate an exploding kitten card and peek at the deck.


This fun game will have you meow’ing in frustration but you’ll still want to keep playing.

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4. Bucket Of Doom

The aim of this wild game is to think of the most freakishly creative way of escaping a life-threatening, very far fetched scenario with lets say, only a toothpick or pair of nipple tassels. Literally.

Anything goes with this game and you really need your thinking cap on to use the items written on your cards to your advantage to escape situations like you cooking in a tanning bed.  This game is hilariously fun and will definitely test your imagination.

5. What Do You Meme?

The aim of this game is in the title and if you love a good meme, you’ll love this game. The rules are simple, you and the other players take in turns to be the judge of the funniest meme from pairing caption cards with the judge’s chosen photo card to complete a meme. The judge then decides the funniest meme and whoever played that caption is the winner of that round; whoever wins 7 cards, wins the entire game.


Let’s see if you can out-do your friends in this comical party game for you social media lovers.

Have these games made your game nights one to remember? Or do you have any of your own favourites to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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