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Game Of Thrones Locations You Can Visit In Real Life

Game Of Thrones Locations You Can Visit In Real Life

As the final season of Game of Thrones has begun, here are the locations where your favourite tv show was filmed that you can visit.

The final season of Game of Thrones has now begun and we are starting to feel the sorrow as one of our favourite tv shows comes to an end. As we wait to see who will end up sitting on the iron throne, here is a list of locations where the famous Game of Thrones scenes were filmed and that you can visit in real life. So, sit down, pour yourself a glass of Dorn’s best wine and come with us on this amazing trip from Iceland to Spain.

Kingsroad – Ballymoney, Northern Ireland

A long time ago Ned Stark and his daughters were going down Kingroad to get to King’s Landing. A lot has happened since then, but you can visit this magical place, called the Dark Hedges (in real life) in Northern Ireland.

Dothraki Sea – Bardenas Reales, Spain

This semi-deserted landscape in the southeast of Spain was one of the many filming locations for the Dothraki Sea. Other locations included the Tabernas Mountains in the south of Spain and the Morne Mountains in Northern Ireland.


Highgardens – Almodóvar del Rio, Spain

Highgardens, home of House Tyrell, is known especially for its beauty and wealth. The real medieval castle of Almodovar del Rio in the region of Cordova is the perfect representation of the incredible beauty described in the books.

Meereen – Klis, Croatia

If you head over to the north-east of Croatia, near the city of Spalato, you won’t be able to miss the medieval fortress of Klis. The fans of the show will recognise the city of Meereen, the biggest city outside of Westeros where the rebellion of the slaves happened in season five.

King’s Landing – Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is probably one of the most known places where Game of Thrones was filmed. All the fans of the show will recognise King’s Landing, with its gardens, Trsteno’s Arboreto, and castle walls, Fort Lovrijenac.


King’s Landing – Mdina, Malta

Although the filming moved to Dubrovnik after season one, the fortress city of Mdina was the set of some of the most iconic King’s Landing scenes, like the arrival of Ned Stark to the capital.

King’s Landing – Girona, Spain

The temple of Baelor in the heart of King’s Landing was the setting of some of the most memorable scenes. The temple was filmed in three different locations: Fort Maoel in Malta, Dubrovnik and the Girona Cathedral in Spain.

Casterly Rock – Trujillo, Spain

The castle of Trujillo in Spain was used to represent the Lannister stronghold in season 7, with its prominence and 17 square towers we understand why this place was chosen.


Iron Islands – Ballintoy, Northern Ireland

The Iron Islands are described as grey and not very inviting. However, the place chosen to represent them is actually really lovely and full of interesting people. The port of Ballintoy is the location of the port of Pyke, where in season two Theon returns home to his father and sister.

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Iron Islands – Murlough Bay, Northern Ireland

The scene where Theon and his sister Yara were riding horses together was filmed on the cliffs of Murlough Bay, 12km from Ballintoy port.


Tower of Joy – Guadalajara, Spain

The castle of Zafra in Spain was one of the places Game of Thrones was filmed. In the show it became the Tower of Joy, the place where a big secret was revealed and that kept us all glued to our seats.

North of the wall – Vatnajokull National Park, Iceland

The Vatnajokull national Park was the background to many of the scenes north of the wall, with Jon Snow as the loved protagonist. The incredible Icelandic scenery was the perfect choice, with its rivers, ice caves, snow covered mountains and glaciers.

North of the wall – Myvatn, Iceland

Who can forget the scene of Jon and Ygritte in the cave north of the wall? It was filmed in the beautiful hot spring of Grjotagja, close to the Myvatn lake, a place visited by the locals in winter for a warm bath in the cold months.


Winterfell – Strangford, Northern Ireland

Last on our list, but definitely not by importance, is Winterfell, home to the Stark family. Winterfell is where it all began. Castel Ward in Northern Ireland offers a number of tours and activities dedicated to Game of Thrones, like archery and medieval banquets.

So, who is ready to take their own little tour of Westeros? We are! Comment down below if you have been to any of these locations.

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