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10 Fun Ways To Spend St. Patrick’s Day In Newcastle

10 Fun Ways To Spend St. Patrick’s Day In Newcastle

If you're looking to spend St. Patricks Day in Newcastle, then these are the best restaurants and bars to drink your whiskey, Guinness, beer, eat your food, and celebrate!
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The day of celebrating Irish culture and getting generally boozy is here. Here’s how to celebrate St. Patrick’s day in Newcastle:

1. Race-day

Newcastle Racecourse is providing bucket loads of Guinness, horse racing, and England vs. Ireland Six Nations on the big screen. See it as a chance to win big on a bet, or as the perfect location to get day drunk, Newcastle’s very own National is one of the places to be on the 17th.

2. Times Square

Times Square in Newcastle’s centre is set to host a massive day-long party, with thousands under one huge tent. The festivities include Guinness, live rugby on the biggest screen in the city, live Irish music, and DJ’s to finish off the do.


3. All Day Party

In what looks set to be a toon tradition, Filthy’s, Illegitimate and Passing Clouds are combining to create a 12-hour St Paddy’s Day party from 10 am till 3 the next morning. There is also £2.50 pints of Guinness on offer, so prepare yourself for a very messy Saturday.

4. Guinness World Record

Slightly less St. Patricks Day themed, but just as much fun. Billy Bootleggers is attempting an actual world record for the most Pickleback shots drank, and you can be involved. It might not last all day, but there’s live music, and it’s a pretty cool achievement to have- maybe.

5. Jesmond Bar Crawl

Not an official event by any means, but a good idea. Dress up in anything and everything green and take to Blanc, Osborne’s, Spy Bar and 97 and Social. They are sure to be packed full of students and you can stop at Tesco’s to get the ingredients for a much-needed next morning fry up.


6. Tyneside Cinema

The swankiest cinema in town is hosting a weekend-long celebration with free entry and is providing discounted Irish grub and drinks, as well as screening the rugby and playing some live Irish tunes. This is can’t miss and means St. Paddy’s Day can last that bit longer.

7. All Day Tiger Tiger

Guinness and a burger for £7.75. Need I say more? It’s also got the rugby on, and you can stay all day and into the night. Plus, there is a Spoon’s in The Gate next door, for slightly cheaper booze if you nearly run out of cash.

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8. Student’s Union

Newcastle University is hosting it’s very own St. Patrick’s Day in Newcastle at Luther’s Bar on campus, and it has green beer. It might be on Friday 16th rather than the actual holiday, but that just means a fun break in between lectures.

9. Livello

Another Friday 16th party, but the bar has announced a green-themed party to bring in the next day. Perfect if you prefer slightly nicer looking clubs and getting more dressed up than usual.

10. Irish ‘Come Dine with Me’

Of course, we can’t all afford to go out for St. Patrick’s Day in Newcastle, or we have deadlines and can’t risk the hangover on Sunday. So why not have a house/flat ‘Come Dine with Me’? Make traditional grub like shepherd’s pie, colcannon, and Irish nachos (potato instead of Doritos, basically).


Will you be spending St. Patrick’s Day in Newcastle? Let us know in the comment section below!

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