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8 Fun Things To Do In Leeds On The Weekends

8 Fun Things To Do In Leeds On The Weekends

Leeds is a beautiful city in England that has many restaurants and activities! if you want to visit, here's some fun things to do in Leeds on the weekends!

Here’s a few tips on some fun things to do in Leeds on the weekends! No matter what you want to do, whether it be visiting with friends or a shopping trip, there are plenty of events in the city!

Friday Evening-Hype – Park Pub

This place is a good place to eat and drink especially for dinner. It’s a nice place to go with friends that welcomes group parties. The beef burger is very delicious, and their drink list is incredible!

Friday Night – Fruity

Fruity is the best place for students to have a drink and dance with friends on a Friday night! It’s open 11pm-4am. Fruity is a great place to get cheap drinks and listen to good music. Here, the professional DJ provides the best music for you all Friday night (and morning) long!



Saturday Morning – The Picture House

The Picture House is a very traditional British restaurant. Many people have a beer or meal here because it’s inexpensive and fills you up!



Saturday Noon – Trinity Centre And City Centre

If you like shopping, the Trinity Centre is a good place to go. There are many shops located in Trinity Centre such as M&S, H&M and Topshop. Along with the shops, there are tons of shopping centres like Trinity and John Lewis. Any store you need is here! There are many different food options as well such as japanese, american burger, a french restaurant and more!


Saturday Afternoon – Cinemas

If you like to see cinema you couldn’t miss Every Man Cinema and Vue Cinema Leeds. If you like good seating and food, Every Man Cinema suits you! You can enjoy your film and also your food and drink! Vue Cinemas ticket is cheaper than Every Man Cinemas, but don’t worry, both cinemas have students discounts as long as you have valid student card!



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Saturday Evening And Night- Tiger Tiger Leeds

Tiger Tiger is a bar that’s open from 12pm – 2am. It’s perfect lunch or dinner, or just for a drink! You’d definitely feel satisfied at the bar!


Sunday Morning & Noon – Wapentake Leeds

Wapentake is a British restaurant sub-divided from Yorkshire. They offer vegan and gluten free breads, cakes, and food so everyone can enjoy here! Wapentake is a dog friendly restaurant, so if you have a dog don’t be afraid to bring him along! There couldn’t be any more fun things to do in Leeds then bring your dog with you out to eat!

Sunday Afternoon- CREAMS – British Luxury

Why not try the afternoon at CREAMS- British Luxury? CREAMS-British Luxury is a french style snack store where you can have macaroons, chocolate and very delicious and beautiful cupcakes with your afternoon tea!



Did we miss any fun things to do in Leeds? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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