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10 Fun Things To Do In Edinburgh When You’re Broke AF

10 Fun Things To Do In Edinburgh When You’re Broke AF


We all know the struggle of dealing with things like student loans and bills. Money is tight, especially when you’re a student. But, that doesn’t mean that living in a city like Edinburgh has to be dull! Being broke AF doesn’t mean all activities are off the books. It just means you have to widen the imagination and get out there. Additionally, it doesn’t mean being bored  because as the saying goes  ‘more money more problems.’ Here are 10 fun things to do in Edinburgh that won’t break the bank!

1. Calton Hill

With Edinburgh being an old city there are various attractions which are surprisingly free, especially if you’re broke AF and in need of fun. Located on the east end of princes’ street, Calton Hill offers peaceful serenity and magnificent views to take your breath away. The views stretch along princes’ street andcan be seen stretching all the way to the Forth road bridge. Various artists and photographers gather here yearly to soak up the picturesque scenes and monuments so there’s never a shortage of photographs and yearly events in their calendar.

2. National Museum of Scotland

History can be exciting, but sometimes when you’re broke AF it doesn’t seem worth it. So, with all your possibilities running out, there will always be the reliable ‘Nation Museum of Scotland’. With plenty to see it will not disappoint, and the best part is that it is free! Although the basic layout within the museum doesn’t change much, there are always new events to look out for and various exhibitions which gain a lot of attention.


Bursting with culture there are more modern day displays, to those which are thousands of years old, it just depends on what you fancy. The best part of the whole exhibit is the ancient tribal families and their long-stretched cultures which are still alive today in various countries. There is also a large section of the museum containing animal forms hanging from the ceiling on display.

3. Greyfriars Kirkyard Statue

One of the biggest stories in Scottish culture, the Greyfriars Bobby gains plenty of national attention. Adding to the Greyfriars claim, near this status is also the little dogs resting place of himself and his owner. The grave of the little dog is marked on the various maps provides at the museum also located in the graveyard.

4. Arthur’s Seat

Broke? Ticking these boxes is the first step into your next adventure. If you seek something not just free but also an activity to get the heart racing, then why not try and climb the infamous Arthur’s Seat. An unmissable concept in Edinburgh as it can be seen from anywhere in the central, can really get the blood pumping if you have the energy to climb for it.


5. St Giles Cathedral

A cathedral may not be the first thing to come to mind when seeking free fun, but it’s one of the best experiences Edinburgh does offer. The silence upon stepping into this setting is ultimately breath-taking and as you look up and around you realize why this was such a good decision.

This place does offer the option of taking a few pictures but they do kindly ask for a donation. However if you live in Edinburgh you will come to the realization that if this is free, you will visit many times. Located also on the royal mile, this is one of the most divine places to visit and enjoy in the heart of the city.

6. BBQ or chill in the meadows

This is a great place in the heart of Edinburgh located near Edinburgh university. With the ever changing seasons the scenery is one not to pass up and the gentle walk around this park means its free. Additionally, in summer there are plenty of free events which take place here so all you really need to do is look out for them.


7. Dunbar Close Garden (Royal mile)

The royal mile, a place for both visitors and locals has plenty of hidden talent. One of these hidden features is the Dunbar Close gardens. With its 17th century gravel paths and perfectly aligned shrubbery, this a place best kept secret and is for those who seek a more peaceful fun for that everyday escape. For those of a busy scheduled life and no time to plan or pay for a holiday, then luckily there’s someplace free. This place is  also open 24 hours and has access to all the public.

8. Museum of childhood

Childhood memories, always such a fond piece of life and sometimes we like to revisit them or be young at heart. For those seeking childhood reminisce, why not visit the Museum of childhood. This is a fun and free friendly place located on the popular Royal mile of Edinburgh.

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It offers various levels of excitement in visiting the history of all your favourite toys, so one of life’s smaller guilty pleasures. For those who do want a memento then there is a gift shop but even if your broke, don’t worry the rest is all free and with each toy displayed there is a hidden past, creating this experience into a treasurable one.

9. Water of Leith

When thinking of free and water  in the same sentence, many may think of swimming or the beach, but in Edinburgh why not take it that one step further and visit the ‘Water of Leith’. One of the main rivers flowing through the city of Edinburgh stretching up to 35km and through various little villages e.g Dean Village, there is a lot to see and do. This makes for a popular tourist attraction or for those seeking for a nice walk on a calm day to pass the time this free experience is full of many picturesque scenes and such a rare treat, especially for something that when you’re broke can relish.

If you want to impress visit and then revisit, show off your knowledge and expertise of what you know, make a picnic and do something different with your life for a day, make life exciting and learn more. After all you don’t know anything until you give it a go.


10. Gorgie farm

Located in the Gorgie district of Edinburgh, just out with the city centre boundary, this hidden gem of ‘Gorgie Farm’ doesn’t fail to disappoint. Upon entering there are the miniature goats always happy and welcoming, enjoying  a little pet if you can get close enough. With the hustle of the city, it’s lovely to take time out to visit this little farm and offers free entry.

Do you know of any other fun things to do in Edinburgh on a budget!? Share in the comments below!

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