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10 Fun Rainy Day Dates To Do Anywhere

10 Fun Rainy Day Dates To Do Anywhere

Did you have the perfect date plan but the weather ruined it? Check out these rainy day dates that will have your crush falling for you!

We’ve all been there; we’ve planned a fun day in the sun, only to have our hopes dashed at the last minute because of the rain. However, a drizzle shouldn’t mean that your day is ruined, as there are tons of fun rainy day dates you can do anywhere.

1. Movie Day

If it’s absolutely pouring down outside, generally you really don’t want to leave the house. And why should you? If your plans get rained off, just invite your boo to your place for a Netflix marathon. This is the perfect rainy day date as the rain puts you in the mood for cuddles, and the cold makes you want to treat yourself a little more – order-in pizza, anyone? This date can be as simple or elaborate as you want – you can just cuddle up on the couch or you can go all out a build a pillow fort, the choice is yours.

2. Go Bowling/Lazer Tag

Whilst these activities are something you may have thought you’d left behind with all the other parties you attended when you were younger, these are actually great rainy day date ideas. Since you’re doing something that’s low-pressure and childlike, you can goof around with your honey and not feel embarrassed about it. Also, if you or your date have a competitive streak, this can be a fun way to tease each other about that competitiveness, or even to set up a challenge, like the loser pays for dinner.


3. Paint Together

If you have art supplies lying around, get them out and have a fun time painting together! Even if you don’t have any art supplies, art supplies for kids are pretty cheap and widely available, so you can easily get some. You could even do portraits of each other if you want to make the date a little more romantic or silly depending on how good at painting the pair of you actually are.

4. Play Games

Whether you’re playing video games, board games or even cards, playing games is a fun way to pass the time on a rainy day, and can get a little competition going. If you want to make things even more competitive, think of a prize the winner gets and/or a forfeit the loser must do. This will get the pair of you riled up and ready to do whatever it takes to win (even possibly distracting the other player – wink wink).

5. Go To A Museum/Art Gallery

Museums and art galleries are perfect places for fun rainy day dates and they contain so much to discover and look at. Since a lot of art galleries and museums are free, if you live in a place with lots of the, you could even go museum/gallery hopping and visit both places in one day! Another plus is that these kind of places often have cute cafes, perfect for relaxing, getting a hot drink and having a nice conversation with your date.


6. Indoor Picnic

An indoor picnic is such a cute rainy day date idea, especially if you were supposed to be having an outdoor picnic that was ruined by the weather. Set up a cosy atmosphere where you’d like the picnic to be by spreading a blanket across the floor and arranging some pillows on it. Get all the food and drink you;d ideally have had outdoors in the sunshine and arrange that too. Then, find an ambient soundtrack of birds chirping to make it all seem authentic and settle down for a lovely picnic that won’t be affected by rain, wasps, or curious dogs who want a bite of your food. This is one of the most creative rainy day dates!

7. Go To An Aquarium

An aquarium is a great way to spend a rainy day, as you won’t be thinking about the weather as you’re so surrounded by cool wildlife. It’s fitting, too, seeing as the outside is so wet and the aquarium itself is full of water. The lighting in aquariums means that you can get some cool pictures too, and, since you’ll be walking around a lot, it’s the perfect opportunity for some hand-holding or even some cheeky kisses.

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8. Embrace The Rain

If you and your date are more of the hardy types, then put on your wellies, waterproofs and grab your umbrellas and go have fun in the rain. Find puddles to splash in, re-enact Singing In The Rain and snap some cute grey-tinged pictures for Instagram. When you’ve had your fill of the wet weather, go back home and cuddle up with a hot drink to get warm again. Bliss.

9. Go To A Bookstore

Bookstores may not immediately spring to mind when you consider fun rainy day dates, but they can be hidden gems. Go into a bookstore, and give yourself and your lover ten minutes to pick out a book for the other person. Meet back up, by the books for each other, then go home and read the books that were picked for you. Regular drink/snack/chat breaks are encouraged so you can tell them what you think of the book they thought you’d love.

10. Make Cocktails

If the rainy day has got you down and you need a little pick-me-up, try your hand at being a mixologist and make signature cocktails for each other. Pull out all the drink-making supplies you have in your arsenal and just go to town mixing things together, Even if you don’t create the next Cosmopolitan, you will have a really fun time and (depending on how many cocktails you have) you probably won’t care too much about not making the next big thing.


Which of these fun rainy day dates is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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