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6 Fun Hairstyles To Try If You’re Looking For Something New

6 Fun Hairstyles To Try If You’re Looking For Something New

Fun hairstyles is sometimes just what what you need to spice up your life and here are our top styles that will make you scream,

Do you ever just get so bored with your natural hair colour and normal cut that you need something new? Or perhaps, it’s one of those days where you suddenly think fun hairstyles are just what you need to spice up your life? Whatever the case, there’s definitely something to find here that’ll give you just the inspiration you need.

1. Pixie Cut

I know. It sounds scary but, it’ll be fun. You can do it. You’ve seen more pictures of pixie cuts than anyone else and it’s time to bite the bullet and finally do it. The look suit so many faces and personalities, it’ll do you the exact same justice. You don’t need to jump into it straight away and can start with chopping it off bit by bit. Before you know it, you won’t be able to imagine dealing with long hair ever again when your head feels that much lighter. The pixie cut has to be one of the most fun hairstyles out there and has to be tried by everyone at least once.

2. Platinum Or Silver Hair

Platinum or silver hair has been one of the biggest trends of late and doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere. It may seem overdone at this point but once you try it on yourself you will see what the fuss is all about. It’s a lot more neutral than it seems but remains as one of the fun hairstyles you’ve got to try. Silver hair is chic yet feminine and can suit any type of hair or length you want!


3. Half and Half

The half and half trend is an up and coming hairstyle as of the late and how can it not! The fun hairstyles different colour combinations when you just can’t decide which one to choose! It’s the ultimate self-expression that can be tailored to anyone. It can be let loose or it can be braided, either way, the colours will shine through in all sorts of ways, giving you more options to style your hair than ever.

4. Solid Bright Coloured Hair

If half and half is not your thing but you still want to go bright and bold, got for full solid colour and impress everyone around you. A simple bold colour doesn’t have to be limited to anything. Teal is a really different colour option that’ll change your light without compromising anything. We all have our favourite colours so why not let your hair mirror that!

5. Short Fringe

You may have been subjected to the classic fringe as a kid but that doesn’t make the style boring. Spice things up and cut it even shorter. The short bangs style is super on trend and can frame any face adorably. It can look fun, classic, and keep your features prominent. We hate hairstyles that overwhelm your look but a short fringe is the best way to combat that and show off your face more.

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6. Wispy Bangs

If you’re searching for a more romantic way of framing your face, one of the cutest fun hairstyles has to be wispy bangs. Say goodbye to blocky blunt cut fringes that erase your brows and welcome wispy bangs. There are only so many hair partings you can possibly try before you realise perhaps that style just isn’t for you.

7. Undercut

If your hair is thick and often just too much, you can change up your look with an undercut. Who says undercuts are only for boys when they look so good on girls too. No matter if you have short hair or long, the subtle peek of having an undercut can really change your impression. You can look tame overall but cool edge with this fun hairstyle.


Stand out from the crowd with fun hairstyles that’ll surprise anyone you meet! It’s so boring pretending to be tame in your hairstyle choices and you don’t need to rock the boat with a Mohawk straight away. Which of these do you think you’ll be trying?

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