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15 Fun Facts About Poland Most People Don’t Know About

15 Fun Facts About Poland Most People Don’t Know About

15 Fun Facts About Poland Most People Don't Know About

I was born and raised in Poland – in a beautiful country filled with beaches, mountains, lakes, deserts (I mean dunes), and forests! All in one place! There are so many things about Poland most people don’t know about and so many information Google forgets about – so let me give you a sample of 15 fun and interesting facts about Poland – a stunning place on Earth you should definitely visit at least once in your lifetime, regardless of all the stereotypes you might have heard! And if you’re Polish, listen up too – you might not have heard this stuff before either! here is the list of 15 Fun Facts About Poland Most People Don’t Know About!

1. History Is Tough

Polish history is quite complicated! Poland has been invaded over 40 times and as much for freedom in insurrections. Poland even disappeared from the map between 1772 and 1795. It seems like Poland didn’t exist at the end of the 18th century but Poles remained and occupied the same territory.

2. Poland’s Constitution

Carrying on with historical facts – Poland’s first written constitution was adopted in 1791 and was the 2nd legal document in the world at that time! Nevertheless, it remained for 14 months only, and just before Poland was in partitions for over 100 years.


3. ‘No’ To A Hat Indoors

The idea of wearing a hat indoors has been evolving and changing over the years. Mostly elderly people believe that wearing a hat at home, in a restaurant or cafeteria is rude and disrespectful. The younger generation doesn’t mind!

4. The World’s Bigger Castle Is In Poland

Yes, you’ve heard me right! Malbork is the biggest castle in the entire world measured by the are and it’s considered to be one among the other 16 World Heritage Sites located in Poland. It is massive – come and see it yourself!

5. Marie Curie Was Polish

Oh boy! I’m certain you’ve heard this name before! Marie Curie – and to be more specific Marie Skłodowska-Curie, a polish scientist who discovered Polon and Rad,  was actually Polish! She married a Frenchman later on, and therefore most people assumed she’s French too. Ohh, and she was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize!


6. Warsaw Was Completely Destroyed During The WWII

The capital of Poland has been properly ruined during the war and had to be rebuilt completely. Warsaw’s Old Town isn’t the original Old Town from the times before the war because the actual Old Town has been invaded in the 40s and bombed. However, so motivated to regain their home Poles rebuilt the Old Town right after the WWII based on the paintings of Bernardo Bellotto.

7. Latex Condoms

Not sure if you’re aware but this little thing that protects you and allows you to fully enjoy sex, has been invented by a Pole! Julius Fromm invented first latex condom in 1912  –  he made it thinner and better! What’s interesting is that till this day, the Polish Government is arguing whether anticonception should be allowed!

8. Europe’s Oldest Restaurant Is Still Open!

It was back in 1275 when the ‘Piwnica Swidnicka’ opened for the first time! The restaurant is located in the southern part of Poland, and you can still come and dine if you like!


9. Amber, Amber, Amber…

You can find loads of amber in the north of Poland, it is everywhere if you look closely! And if you fancy getting some amber jewelry, then treat yourself! Poland is the biggest exporter of amber! And all amber imported in Thailand comes from Poland too!

 10. Name Day

Yes, that is correct! We celebrate Name Days! In every calendar you can get in Poland, there is a list of names associated with a particular day so that you won’t forget when to celebrate yours!

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11. Max Factor And Fashion TV

This one is to all fashion lovers! Let me brighten up your day, boys and girls – this very popular cosmetic brand was founded by a Pole, Maksymilian Faktoriwicz. Fashion TV, however, well-known for its long catwalks and expensive stuff, was founded by Michel Adam Lisowski.

12. Doughnut Day AKA Fat Thursday

Poles love celebrations! Every year on Thursday before Ash Wednesday, Poles celebrate Doughnut Day! This is the day you cannot miss but on which you can forget about your diet and help yourself with a couple of doughnuts. And it is completely fine! It is estimated that Poles consume roughly around 100 million doughnuts on that day!

13. Mount Kosciuszko

Australia’s highest mountain was named after Polish General who fought against the Russian Empire and during the American Revolutionary War – Tadeusz Kościuszko!


14. Pour some alcohol!

Poland ranks 3rd place in Europe in beer consumption, right after Germany and the Czech Republic! On average, Poles consume 92 liters of beer a year!

15. That Language Though

Polish is the third most difficult language in the world! No clue what it sounds like to non-polish speakers but it is a tough language for Poles too!

What do you find interesting about Poland? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
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