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10 Fun Cheap Getaways Even A Broke Student Can Afford

10 Fun Cheap Getaways Even A Broke Student Can Afford

A. Very. Touchy. Subject. There is no denying being a student is the best time of Our lives; drinking, partying, meeting new people, finding your independence and much much more. However. One thing every student struggles with is never having enough money – weep, weep, weep. Lo and behold, there are resolutions to live a student life to the max with a very, very low bank balance. We all dream of living the high life, flying here, there and everywhere seeing all parts of the world like our celeb role-models and Instagram idols. Forget the Maldives and Hawaii vacations, here are 10 fun and cheap getaways for us broke AF students that are just as good!

1) Budapest, Hungary

A place that has it all; fun, sun, partying and culture. The city is divided into two: Pest – the place where the partying-goers strive, have fun and learn how to party Hungarian-style. Buda – the place of Hungarian culture and history, enriched with life, knowledge and beautiful scenery. Catering to everyone and anyone’s need is great, but a place that is very affordable for even us students makes it even that more desirable to visit! The city is famous for its ruin bars and thermal baths;  there is always something to see and do for affordable prices all in a walks reach.

2) Cuba, Caribbean

Although plane tickets may be a little steep to visit Cuba, once you get there everything will be student-friendly-affordable! A place beaming of life, vibrancy, tradition, happiness and cheap excursions & days-out is why so many students visit Cuba every year. The Island is relatively small so getting around isn’t too expensive for our shallow pockets. Get involved in the local markets, salsa dancing and Cuban food… after all, being a student is all about (coursework) and making memories.


3) Palma De Majorca, Spain

If you are after a relaxing beach holiday with your partner or friends, Palma De Majorca will be the best of the cheap getaways to visit for all your relaxation needs while on a budget. A city filled with the richest Mediterranean culture and history, with beautiful interiors and architecture within walking distance to the most beautiful beaches. The perfect destination for students; beaches, party-places, cool-bars, museums and site-seeing places – it really has it all – for cheap. Peace and quiet during the day to take away our exam-season-stress, luxury budget-friendly ‘living-the-high-life’ evenings and party vibes at night to forget our worries (for a few days, gulp).

4) Amsterdam, Netherlands

A right of passage for every student! Amsterdam is a great place for a short getaway escape during or after our Uni semester for some fun, culture and Amsterdam traditions. If you’re interested in learning about the cities history, their amazing museum’s (Recommendation: The Anne Frank Museum), visiting the lanes and canals, their incredible shopping, bike rides, smoking, the red-light district or visiting plainly to see what all the hype is about – there is something for everyone. Amsterdam is easily student-budget achievable while having the time of your life!

5) Llandudno, Wales

If you are looking for the ultimate cheap getaways, Llandudno is a great option! Practically next door it is easy to travel too with only a car or train ride away. A place for those who love the seaside this is a place for you! For all hikers, explorers and wanderlust’s Mt. Snowdonia is a great excursion for a day or two’s adventure. Full of hiking routes, beach views, pretty buildings and history make it a great getaway for any student needing to clear their head… or run away from their exams – we’ve all been there!


6) Ibiza, Spain

If you are on the hunt for an end of year party-holiday – this is your place! Ibiza is known for being one the biggest and best party vacations in the world and it will not disappoint! Pack your bikinis (plenty of them), fashion-forward outfits anti-hangover tablets and your party pants because you will need all four of these things… Although it is a great place to party and let your student-life hair down – finally – it is also an incredible place full of beautiful scenery, hikes, resteraunts and beaches. There are many deals all year round offering us students deals to visit Ibiza at no bank-breaking prices!

7) Crete, Greece

A place notorious for student-budgeters. Thousands of students visit Crete each year for its beautiful scenery, lovely food and hidden tropical utopias. A way of escaping student-stress and one of the most incredible cheap getaways for students!

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8) Prague, Czech Republic

An insane place to visit for students, just like Budapest, it is a place full of culture, history and party fun. With a gothic flair and out-of-this-world architecture and decor. There is always something to see and do but at affordable prices. A great place for those snaps to up our insta-game too – winner all round.

9) Gibraltar, Spain

Gibraltar is a hidden-gem that in all honesty, doesn’t get enough appreciation. However, lo and behold they offer insane festivals, British culture, invigorating atmospheres, historical caves, glorious beaches and insane seafood. And guess what? It’s student-affordable… brb while we book our flights!!

10) Brighton, England

One of Englands most beloved seaside getaway is popular not only for the retired but students looking for some fun by the sea this is the place for you! Of course, it is a very accessible place to reach, but it also has a lot more to offer. Beach walks, arcade fun, seafood restaurants, trendy-shops down the lanes and the best ice-cream in the world!! And again, it is all budget-friendly for our low dollar bank accounts.

What do you think of these cheap getaways? Let us know in the comments below!
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