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Fun and Creative Ways to Re-use Old Socks

Fun and Creative Ways to Re-use Old Socks

Ever wondered if you could avoid throwing away your old socks? Well, there are plenty of ways you could re-use them! Here's some!

How many times have you lost one sock (why does this always happen!) or decided your favourite socks have become too worn out to wear, after having lived in them for a period of time. We all know the drill; look at your old socks, sigh with sadness and throw them away, while feeling guilty for not knowing what else to do with them. But what if you could reuse them? Well, here are a number of fun and creative ways to re-use old socks!

1) Leg Warmer

Be prepared for the blistering winds and icy cold snow of the winter, by cutting the ends off your old long socks, hemming the edges and wearing them as leg warmers! Unlike the generic leg warmers that you can buy in stores, these ones can be personalised in funky ways and come in fancy colours and patterns – depending on which socks you opt to use!

Fun and Creative Ways to Re-use Old Socks

2) Gloves

You can re-use old socks in an effective and functional way by turning them into fingerless gloves! Like leg warmers, these will come in handy during the winter period, and they’re quirkier and more fun than their shop bought counterparts!

How to: Cut off the feet and hem the newly cut area to keep them secure. Cut out a vertical finger hole in the sock for your thumb. Then try it on for size and enjoy being cosy in the cold!

Fun and Creative Ways to Re-use Old Socks

3) Hair Piece (Loepsie – Sock Bun

We’ve all heard of the doughnut hair bun – the perfectly pristine, round bun that is made using a doughnut-shaped hairpiece. Well, YouTuber Loepsie, created a new version of this hairpiece using a sock! You can also use this hairpiece to curl your hair without using heat – simply leave in your hair overnight and once you remove it, you’ll have pretty, flowing curls!

How to: Simply cut off the end of your chosen sock, then roll the edges inwards to form a doughnut shape. Viola – you have your hairpiece! It’s such a simple way to re-use old socks!

4) Sock Puppets

What better, more fun way to re-use old socks than to create sock puppets out of them! You can create tons of creative characters with all your old socks! Fluffy, funky socks are best for this. The only modifications they truly require to make sock puppets is adding your desired facial/body features. For example, you could stitch on buttons for eyes and stick on a paper cut out of a mouth. Get creative with it and have fun!

Fun and Creative Ways to Re-use Old Socks

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5) Bean Bag

If you’re bored on a Saturday afternoon and fancy delving into some arts and crafts as well as sporty games, then create a bean bag out of your old socks! After you’re done making them, have fun playing with them!

How to: All you have to do is fill your socks with raw beans, and tie up the top where the opening is to seal them in!

6) Cup Cover

If you want to re-use old socks and have a favourite cup or mug that you love to use, then you could make a cool cup cover out of your sock(s)!  Just cut off the tip of your sock, decorate it to your liking and slip it onto your cup!

Fun and Creative Ways to Re-use Old Socks

7) Dusters

This is a fabulous way to re-use old socks. Socks – particularly fluffy ones – make brilliant dusters, particularly for those hard to reach places such as in between blinds and in small corners. You can re-use them over and over and putting them in the wash after every dusting session!

Do you usually re-use old socks? If so, what do you do with them? Tell us in the comments!

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