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10 Fun And Cheap Activities To Do Around St. Andrews

10 Fun And Cheap Activities To Do Around St. Andrews

ying to find activities to do around st. Andrews? Read all about our list of fun and cheap things to do in the St. Andrews area!
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Aside from being home to Scotland’s oldest university, the quaint town of St Andrews actually has tons of activities for students and families to enjoy. If you want to see the charm of the town for yourself and find out why so many people fall in love with it, why not try out some of these fun and cheap activities to do around st. Andrews? Here’s how you can feel like a local without breaking the bank!

1. Go for a stroll in Lade Braes

Lade Braes is one of St Andrews’ best kept secrets. This public footpath runs alongside a beautiful stream and is sheltered by tons of large trees. Along the way, there’s also a small park where you can bask in the sun or play with some of the many dogs that roam the area. If you’re looking for a quiet, scenic escape, then you should definitely go for a walk here!

2. Hang out at Jannetta’s

Jannetta’s Gelateria has become something of an institution in St Andrews. On sunny days, the queue will stretch all the way down North Street! Go here for the biggest and best selection of gelato in St Andrews, as well as milkshakes, ice cream cakes and waffles!


3. Climb to the top of St Rule’s Tower

If you want to see the town in all its glory, a visit to St Rule’s Tower is a must. St Rule’s Tower is located within St Andrews Cathedral, and offers the best view of St Andrews. Climb to the top of this 33m high tower and marvel at the beach and all the wonderful old buildings in town.

4. Pretend you’re in Chariots of Fire

Head to West Sands Beach and walk or jog along the shore and pretend you’re in the movie Chariots of Fire. This is a great place to hang out on sunny days and offers a perfect view of the sea. If you want to see why people love St Andrews so much, definitely go here.

5. Visit the Botanical Gardens

Spend the day amidst tons of tropical plants and flowers and head to the St Andrews Botanical Gardens. This place has tons to offer, with a selection of green houses, a tree walking trail, and even a butterfly sanctuary! They also offer a student discount, so this is a fun and cheap activity.


6. Enjoy a coffee at the Golf Museum Cafe

One of the things that makes St Andrews so famous is its golf course. If you don’t actually play golf, you can still enjoy a view of the course and the beach beside it by hanging out at the Golf Museum Cafe. If you want to go all out, they also offer afternoon tea.

7. Go for a pier walk (or jump)

A pier walk is one St Andrews tradition that you can take part in completely free. Simply walk along to East Sands and take a stroll down the pier. This is a great spot for photos and offers a different view of the town. If you’re feeling brave, you can even jump into the water! Just make sure to check the tide levels beforehand.

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8. Go strawberry picking

This is one of the activities to do around st. Andrews which isn’t actually within St Andrews. However,  if you don’t mind a 20-minute bus ride, I would definitely suggest heading to the nearby Cairnie Fruit Farm and going strawberry picking. This is a great summertime activity that would be fun for groups of friends and even families.

9. Try the best fish and chips in Scotland

St Andrews is home to Cromars, a fish and chips shop that has been named Scotland’s best fish and chips shop two years in a row. However, if you’re willing to journey a little bit out of town, it would also be worth visiting Anstruther Fish Bar, which has also been named Scotland’s best fish and chips shop and in my opinion has the best chips I’ve ever tried! In fact, this place boasts Prince William himself as a visitor! Whichever you choose, definitely take your fish and chips to-go and enjoy the view.

10. Relax with a pint at The Brew Pub

If you’re looking for a super laid-back activities to do around st. Andrews, head to the St Andrews Brewing Company and enjoy a tall glass of Oatmeal Stout or Thistly Cross Cider. This pub is well-loved by students and locals alike, and if you come in on a weekend and sit in the beer hall, you’ll definitely see why.


Will you try our suggested activities to do around st. Andrews? Let us know in the comments section below!

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