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6 Fun And Amusing Gifts Any Stationery Nerd Will Love

There is no shame in having a well-organized selection of stationery. We all need it, it keeps the world moving. Good stationery is the easiest way to trick people into thinking you’re a respectable adult who’s got their life together and goes hiking every Sunday. Nobody ever questions a person with a clipboard and colored sticky notes, they’ve got places to be. Here’s a list of 6 amusing gifts that any stationary nerd will love. There’s no shame in wrapping them up and gifting them to yourself either.

Quill pen

The number one must-have for any writer that takes themselves seriously. So maybe you’ve never written a book or a poem or anything at all really, as long as you have your trusty quill pen it doesn’t matter. You, my friend, are a professional. Quill pens are great for doing fancy calligraphy writing or for swishing in people’s face when they’re being annoying.

Get your friend a single pen or splash out on a whole set. The larger the feather, the better. If they’ve never owned one before you could also add on a ‘How to’ book, so they can learn how to calligraphy like a pro.

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Personalized  Journal

Personalized Journals are so handy and come in all sorts of colors and shapes. Some cost less than £15 and others more than a car. Stationery nerds treasure their journals more than their own family members so don’t offend them by getting something from the local corner shop.

Liberty offers free embossing if you buy one of their leather journals. At £60 they’re still quite pricy so you could also look into getting cheaper ones made online.

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Wax Seal Stamp

You don’t have to be a rich, bearded man from the civil war to own a wax seal stamp anymore. They’re easy to find and fairly cheap but still makes you look very fancy and important. Writing letters will be a hundred times more exciting and people will be happy to receive them too.

Buy your friend one with their first letter on, or pay a little extra for their initials. Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten your friend’s last name, you don’t have to do letters, you can do cool symbols instead.

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Personalized Letter Writing Kit

If they already have a wax seal stamp, why not gift a personalized letter writing kit? Encouraging letter writing is always a very good thing. This is the kind of gift that says ‘I appreciate high brow art, participate in alternative cross-stitch and eat a lot of chutney.

Papier offers personalized Notecard kits in many different designs, priced at about £30 for a pack of 20. The cards come with matching, personalized envelopes and arrive in a fancy box.

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Cool Stamp with Initials

Not entirely sure what kind of personalized amusing gifts they’d like? Why not get a stamp and they can personalize whatever they want? Stamping looks so fun and probably feels great too. They are quite timeless and come in thousands of different designs.

You don’t have to limit your stamping to just papers. Stamp your lunch, your notebooks or your sanitary pads for that extra luxurious feeling.

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See Also

A Fancy Bag

No stationary nerd is complete without a stylish bag to carry it all with. You want a sturdy bag with different compartments so your stationery doesn’t get tangled or squished. Try getting one that also fits their computer, it’s a lot handier that way.

If you think they’d like the old classic style, check out Cambridge Satchel Company. They have a large selection of old-timey shoulder bags. Dr. Martins also has a few on offer if you want to gift something a bit rougher looking

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Olive Eraser

Erasers shaped like snack-able food, exactly what you’d want to gift anyone! You can be the classiest gal in all the land with this snazzy tin filled with an olive-shaped eraser. People will turn and look in envy and you can be certain you’re gifting something very unique.

If olives aren’t their favorite, there are other choices available like sausages or mandarines.

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Which one of these amusing gifts would you most like to receive? Let us know in the comments below!

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