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7 Fresh And Easy Summer Recipes You’ll Never Get Tired Of

7 Fresh And Easy Summer Recipes You’ll Never Get Tired Of


Oh, Summer! The longer days, warm weather, and fun activities outdoors… Summer brings a lot of fun with it as well as a lot of juicy seasonable vegetables and fruits to make fresh and easy summer recipes that will never be tiring. I tend to eat less during the warmer months and suddenly my penchant for healthy food goes up, always craving a salad or fresh pasta.

Here are some of my favourite quick and easy summer recipes that are staples to be repeated time and time again.

1. Tuna Nicoise Salad

This is one of my all time favourites, incorporating just the right amount of protein, healthy fats and leafy green vegetables to satisfy any taste bud, as well as being a lot more interesting than your average cold salad, with a dijon mustard sauce to die for. Its a perfect refreshing summer recipe guaranteed to get you to your five a day as well as satisfy a hungry stomach.


2. Roasted Vegetable Toasted Ciabatta

Pressed for time, no problem, this recipe almost makes itself, requiring you to just merely put on the oven, roast the seasonable summer vegetables from your local market or supermarket and grill them lightly for 3-4 minutes! Add a bit of cheese and you’re good to go, these little open sandwiches are impossible for me to resist on a hot summer’s day.

3. Chilli Prawn Pasta

This dish is one of the ones that makes me drool like no other. Just even thinking of it makes me want to stop what I am doing and make myself some of this right now. Who can resist pasta? Is that even possible? I’m telling you, I have tried and failed on several occasions. This pasta dish boasts incredibly rich flavours that go together like heaven on a plate, with the rich tomato sauce, chili peppers and juicy prawns making it a perfect summer dish to enjoy with friends on those long summer nights.


4. Romesco Soup With Smashed Chickpeas

One of my favourite things is to find recipes that are not only delicious, but healthy as well. This is a recipe that is very simple to make, yet extremely tasty, and is definitely a must-have summer recipe that you’ll never get tired of. The flavours of the roasted bell pepper, roasted almonds and crushed chickpeas are perfect paired with some crunchy bread from the bakery.

5. Chickpea, Red Pepper, Egg And Feta Hash

This is the perfect one-pan summer recipe everyone should know when you’re stuck for time yet want to make something nutritious, delicious and filling. The mix of flavours makes this a perfect dish to whip up for lunch or dinner, paired with some pita or bread. The fact that the egg cooks on top of the mix rather than on oil makes this even more healthy than the average dish with fried eggs. As a personal touch, I like to add cubed potatoes to this delicious recipe!

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6. Caesar Salad

This salad brings back fond memories of hanging by the pool during the summer months while on holiday, and the only way my mother was able to get me to eat my greens. Who can resist a classic Caesar Salad with either Grilled Chicken or Grilled Salmon as a perfect summer recipe that will be impossible to get bored of?

7. Home Oven Baked Margarita Pizza

The last of my favourite recipes may be surprising, have many of you tried to make Pizza at home? I didn’t until recently and honestly, I am hooked as well as surprised that it is quite an easy recipe, perfect for the summer months. The great thing about this recipe is that you can tailor the toppings how you like, adding some fresh rocket on top, Parma Ham, Cherry Tomatoes, and the list goes on. Excuse me for a second while I go and try and make all of these recipes at once, even writing this has made me hungry!


What is one of your favourite summer recipes of all time? Let us know in the comments below!

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