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7 Free Things You Need To Do In Berlin

7 Free Things You Need To Do In Berlin

7 Free Things You Need To Do In Berlin

Berlin is one of the best historical and cultural capitals in Europe which you can visit for a perfect city break and you don’t even need to worry about breaking the bank. You can have a great experience visiting the creative capital on a budget, so here are a few things you need to do there that are all free!

1. Visit the Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is an 18th-century monument, which used to mark the start of the road from Berlin to Brandenburg an der Havel, and is famous for being where the wall first fell in 1989. It is a very Instagram-able location and a sight well worth seeing and learning more about on your trip!

2. Get Lost In the Holocaust Memorial

The Memorial of the Murdered Jews of Europe is a memorial to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust. It is designed as a sort of maze and it allegedly aims to produce a confusing environment. The whole installation aims to represent a seemingly ordered system that has lost touch with human reason. It leaves room for interpretation and it is a definite must-see in the capital of Germany.


3. Look At the Artwork At the East Side Gallery

Along the Spree river stretches the remains of the Berlin Wall. Over 100 artists were commissioned in 1990 to create murals along the wall in celebration of freedom and reunification of Germany and now it resembles an outdoor art gallery.  Some of the artwork is historically important and seeing it should definitely be on your to-do list!

4. A Walk In the Park

Berlin is full of greenery and many beautiful parks in which Berliners relax and hang out. Places such as Tempelhofer Feld, Treptower Park, Tiergarten, ViktoriaPark and so many more, are perfect for taking some time to wind down. People often can be seen cycling, rollerblading, running, having a picnic, having a beer after work or just reading a book. It is a typical setting for Berliners and if you want to experience the legit Berlin way – this is your way to go.

5. Get a View Of Berlin From the Dome of the Reichstag Building

Today the Reichstag is where the German parliamentary body meets and it can be visited by anyone. There is a glass dome on the top of the building which is meant to symbolise the unification of Germany and the most exciting bit is that you can get a stunning view of the city from there. Bear in mind that it is free to visit but you still have to book in advance! Pro tip: visit in the evening to avoid the busiest crowds and to enjoy a pretty view of the city lights.

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6. Visit Alexanderplatz

Berlin’s most visited square is the famous Alexanderplatz which today is full of shops. It is constantly busy with pedestrians taking pictures of the 365 meter TV tower that is the highest point of the city, called the Fernsehturm. It is a historical square but it’s also very modern and an absolute must check on your bucket list for Berlin.

7. Watch the Sunset by the Landwehrkanal

The Landwehrkanal is a place where locals meet up on warm evenings to wind down, have a beer, have a chat, and watch the sunset over the canal. It is the best way to end a day in Berlin and it’s a truly relaxing experience that many tourists don’t get to enjoy.



Have you ever visited Berlin? Which of these things to do do you think sound most interesting? Have you got more tips for the city? Comment below!

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