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20 Fun And Free Things To Do In Coventry This Summer

20 Fun And Free Things To Do In Coventry This Summer

Summer is all about having fun, but when you're a broke college student, fun can be a struggle. These are 20 fun and free things to do in Coventry!

Summer is all about having fun, living life and most importantly finding yourself. But as a student it can sometimes be quite hard doing these things on a budget. Finding fun things to do in the summer is hard enough without worrying about how much you have left in the bank – but, don’t panic. Here is a list of 20 things to do in and around Coventry that are basically free!

1. Godiva Festival

The number one event I would recommend any fellow student to attend would be the annual Godiva Festival. This is a FREE 3-day outdoor concert (YES… I said 3 days !!!!) at Coventry’s most Historic Park – the War Memorial Park offers a huge lineup of acts. This year the festival begins Friday the 7th of July till Sunday the 9th and you can expect big name acts such as Example, DJ Wire, Punjabi MC as well as many others. Want even more good news? Not only is the festival FREE, not only is it offering big names acts BUT…. It also offers a huge range of amusement park rides just to sweeten the deal! Oh and did I mention, there is outdoor bar ?!

2. Picnic in the War Memorial Park

This one is kind of an extension of the last point but deserves its own attention. The War Memorial Park in Coventry is on of the biggest and centrally located open spaces in the city. At nearly 50 Acres there is plenty of room to have fun no matter the time of day – Go for a walk, ride your bike, take a picnic, have a BBQ, play a game of tennis or just simply take a blanket, have a lie down and gaze at the beaming blue sky’s above.


3. Coventry Transport Museum

 This isn’t just for those of you who have an interest in cars. I myself have been several times and each time something new draws my eye. It’s actually weirdly interesting to literally walk through British history. The exhibits inside are constantly shifting, changing and being renewed making it a great place to visit multiple times.

4. Herbert Art Gallery

This one isn’t just for the art fanatics out there! Whether your studying Marketing, philosophy, English …. Whatever! I can guarantee you you’ll find something in here that will interest you. Aside from the amazing art, this gallery also offers a range of fun and interesting workshops.



5. Belgrade Theatre

Nothing beats seeing a live performance! Get away from the TV’s and the binge-watching marathons and experience the thrill of seeing a live show. At this theatre, a select range of shows offers students free seats! All you have to do is fill in the short form listed on their website and they will get back to you with your FREE booking details !!!


6. Take a visit to Coventry canal to see the canal art

This is a great one for those of you who love breathing the fresh air. This 5 and a half mile arts stretch makes an exciting walk and is well worth the visit.



7. Coombe Abbey Park

 Just a short bus ride away from Coventry city centre taking a trip to Coombe Abbey has the potential to turn out to be a great summers day. There are so many things to do here …take part in one of the seasonal events, explore the grounds, browse in the gift shop, indulge in the restaurant, and then discover the many walking trails to walk your meal off.

8. Go Berry Picking

This is a recent favourite of mine! It’s actually quiet relaxing walking through the fields, carrying a basket, picking fruits (and eating them as you go).


9. Ride a Bike – Ryton pool

There is nothing more nostalgic than riding a bike. Fancy a new trail ??? Ryon Pools is the answer! Just 20 minutes from the city centre, Ryton Pools offers a wondrous piece of the countryside, ideal if you want to achieve a sense of escape.  Bring you bike or rent one – either way this is another cheap and cheerful option that makes the most of the summer weather!


10. Warwick Castle

Although this isn’t technically in Coventry, it’s so close you’d be silly not to visit. I must admit this is one of the more pricey things on this list…. However, the potential for a fun and a unique experience is almost limitless. There are just so many things to do here – so make a full day of it.



11. Coventry Cathedral

No visit to Coventry is complete without witnessing the beauty of Coventry’s most monumental building. Located in Coventry city centre you really don’t have to trek far at all to see this amazing piece of British history.



12. Go for a Swim!! – (Coventry Leisure Centre)

Often a neglected option but there are so many affordable things to do here! From fitness sessions, spinning studios, badminton to table tennis there are a range of activates to suit all interests and abilities. I personally would recommend the kids swimming pool which offers a slide, a Jacuzzi and a lazy river!


13. Kenilworth Castle

A closer alternative to Warwick castle that offers just as much fun and enjoyment. For just £10 you’ll have the opportunity to see a part of history from its inside out. Start with the castle grounds and gardens and then make your ways through the architecturally exquisite walls where you will be guided through all the castle has to offer.



14. Tenpin bowling

Nothing beats a bit of bowling !!! My top tip would be to go off-peak and you’ll not only save a couple of pennies but you’ll be free of all the kids on their summer holidays.


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15. Hatton Country Farm

Another one of my all time favourites that takes me way back. Who doesn’t love the idea of cuddling baby animals ?! The best thing about going in the summer is that there are so many unique and once in a lifetime things you can do. For example, how do you feel like giving a sheep its annual haircut and experiencing sheep sheering first hand?



16. Take the Bus to Stratford

Everyone’s heard of Shakespeare, right ? Why not visit the place where he lived and explore all of the wonderful sights Stratford has to offer. Just a short bus ride away, your day in Stratford has unlimited potential. From visiting the birthplace of Shakespeare, and walking through Anne Hathaway’s cottage … This small area of Warwickshire offers the perfect combination of old and new – and is sure to have something fun to do for all!


17. Take a Trip to Birmingham

If your getting bored of being in the same place why not take a 20-minute train ride and visit the second largest city in the UK! Just like Coventry, there are plenty of things you can do on a budget – for instance the many many museums, the range of parks, the sea life centre, think-tank as well as much much more.



18. Planet Ice

In theory, it may sound strange to ice skate in the summer but for those of you who are keen to learn how to skate there is surely no better time ?!



19. Fargo Village

Coventry’s answer to Camden Lock is sure to be a favourite amongst students with is youthful vibe and the huge range of unique stalls selling all types of cool things. Even if you’re on a budget it’s still really fun taking a look at all Fargo Village has to offer.


20. Jump In

 Anyone who’s grown up in Coventry knows how long we’ve been waiting for a trampoline park – and now we finally have one within a reasonable distance. I know what your thinking … ‘ Isn’t this for kids’… well no, no it isn’t. Why not try on of the fitness classes which provide just as much fun as ‘free jumping’ but at least you’ll feel like you’re doing something productive and you may even manage to work off that ice cream you had last night!

Do you know of any other free and fun things to do in Coventry this summer!? Share in the comments below!

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