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10 Free Things To Do Around University of Winchester

10 Free Things To Do Around University of Winchester

University of Winchester is a great school and these are the best things to do for free. Here is a list of free things to do at Winchester. Check it out.

When you’re out at the SU volunteering to buy drinks for every stranger you meet, you aren’t too concerned about what’s happening to your bank account… That is until the next day when you check your account and you find out your generosity may have just been a little too much! As university students, we find those moments happen too often than we’d like. Whilst time crawls between student loan installments, your spending habits are relentless! So you find yourself very broke and very bored. But fear not! Around our beautiful cathedral city, there’s things you can do without owing anyone. So leave your bank card at home and enjoy “10 Free Things To Do Around University of Winchester.”

1) Enjoy time with nature at St Catherine’s Hill

One of the perks of the city of Winchester is how you can walk 15 minutes from a busy high street into a quiet and picturesque scene. Take a break from the hustle of campus life. Raid your fridge, grab your friends and have a picnic up at St Catherine’s Hill. It’s relaxing, refreshing and most importantly, nature is free!

2) Have time to reflect at Winchester Cathedral

Before you find yourself bankrupt, make an investment which will pay off for those days when you need to save. As a student, not only do you get a discount on your ticket into the cathedral, you get to use that same ticket for a free entry for a year. Admire the cathedral architecture, look at Jane Austen’s grave and visit the crypt where you check out the sculpture by Antony Gormley.


3) Go up St Giles’ hill for a view of the city

Get a different perspective with this walk up St Giles’ Hill to get view of Winchester. From here, you can see all of the high street, the Cathedral and Burma. The hill may be a little steep, but there’s steps you can use, and the view up there is worth it.

4) Christmas market

Our much-loved Christmas Market is back and it doesn’t have to be expensive! Soak up the festivities and smell the mulled wine. Browse the stalls and feel the spirit of this season. You’ll definitely want to leave your purse/wallet at home to avoid the temptation of buying things.

5) Visit Winchester museums

Have a more educational day out with trips to the City Museum and Westgate. With free entries to both museums, you can have a cultural day out without breaking the bank. Learn more about Winchester and its history or just admire the artefacts they have on display. In the City Museum, there’s a cool model of Winchester in Victorian times worth checking out! This is a prime University of Winchester staple!

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6) Have peaceful walk through St Cross Hospital

Take a pastoral walk to St Cross Hospital. It’s twenty minutes away from the high street, but you’ll find yourself where the BBC series Wolf Hall was filmed. If you go late in afternoon, you can catch a vibrant, breath-taking sunset.

7) Try not to climb the Wolvesey Castle ruins…

With free entry, go back in time with a visit to Wolvesey Castle which has featured in two civil wars! These ruins will give you a walk through history and a chance to take cool pictures. Although it’s closed during the winter months, the gates reopen throughout Spring, Summer and beginning of Autumn.


You can have fun days out and explore the city without spending any money. These are just some of the free things you can do around Winchester. Let me know if you have any other recommendations for free things to do!

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