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10 Free Things To Do Around Falmouth University

10 Free Things To Do Around Falmouth University

If you are a student, a teacher or someone who lives around Falmouth University, congratulations – you are living in one of the most beautiful areas in England! But sometimes, I know so damn sure that the beauty comes with a price and you can be struggling keeping on with your budget as well as making the most of Cornwall…For this reason, if you are wondering what to do on Monday afternoon or where to go during the weekend, here are 10 Free things to do around Falmouth university:

1. Gylly Beach, Falmouth

Falmouth University has two campuses – one in Falmouth town and one in Penryn but they are both really, really close to the beach, literally, they are minutes from the Atlantic ocean coast line and if you are for some reason around the university, don’t miss the chance to go to Gylly beach! Have you ever heard of the saying that all good things start with “S”? It is definitely true – sea, sun, sand…all of these is waiting for you on Gylly…

2. Pendennis Castle

Any history lovers? There is something for everyone! If you are part of the History course at Falmouth University or if you want to feel the mystery of the First World War, go to Henry VIII’s fortresses, explore and allow yourself to go back to the past.



3. Kimberley Park

Free entry, open during all the year, the gorgeous garden of Kimberley Park are lovely place to escape from the duties just for awhile and appreciate the good things about uni.


4. Falmouth Art Gallery

Yes, it is free! The gallery is recognized nationally and there are no fees for entrance no matter if you are a student or not, so take a breath, go there and support the artists.


5. Surfing

I was really surprised when I found out that there are so many students actually surfing at Falmouth and even more who are trying this activity for the first time. Having free time? Grab your surfboard and have fun, just be careful with the waves and don’t forget to wear a swimsuit because it is cold..but it is still worth it!


6. Find a new book at the library.

Both Falmouth University’s campuses have libraries with many books to choose from. Personally, I prefer the library at Penryn campus – two floors, enough space for a large number of people, comfy chairs, tables, computers free for use, collections of journals, magazines and DVD..oh, you can also read the daily news because the library provide free newspapers.

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7. Just sitting.

What I really like about the area around Falmouth University and its campuses is that there are many green lands! Yes, you are surrounded by exotic plants, wonderful flowers, eternal green trees and you can just sit on the grass and do whatever you want – read, listen to music, study, talk with friends.


8. Volunteer!

What to do around the university? Well, consider helping the others. There are many red cross shops at the town and they always need volunteers to help them with the clothes, dealing with clients, etc. It will make you a better person, you will learn new things and I am sure you will be proud of yourself.

9. Take pictures at the Queen Mary Gardens.

As you may noticed, I am a fan of gardens and I cannot forget Queen Mary Gardens. Moreover, they are located next to Gylly beach so you can quickly visit them if you are tired from the beach (if this is possible) Opened in 1912, relaxing and magical – great place to spend time.

10. Poldark

Travelling is free..except for the petrol but that’s not the point. Make a list of the film locations of the famous TV show Poldark and visit them! You are not going to regret it and you will have many pictures to show your friends! Be part of the romantic story!

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