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10 Free Things To Do Around Cardiff University

So you’re in Wales’ buzzing capital city and you’re eager to explore the sites but you’re also a student on a budget. Don’t worry, there are plenty of fun and free things to do in Cardiff. From gorgeous parks, to museums, you’ll be busy. Keep reading for 10 free things to do around Cardiff University!

1. Visit Roath Park!

Go for a walk around lake, feed the ducks or embrace your inner child in the playground, there’s loads of fun to be had enjoying Roath’s hidden gem! There are also the rose gardens to appreciate in the summer too.

2. Window shopping round St. David’s Shopping Centre and other shopping centres and arcades.

Who needs money when you can window shop around Cardiff’s shopping centres? There’s St. David’s, the Capitol Shopping Centre and the Queen’s Arcade to choose from as well as the Castle Arcade, the Royal Arcade, the Morgan Arcade amongst others to satisfy your material needs!


3. Walk round the Castle’s animal wall.

Appreciating the Castle wall’s architecture is enlightening and doesn’t cost you a thing! The perfect pastime for sunny day in Cardiff. It’s recently been given a makeover with the new ‘keepers of the wall’ adding an element of mystery to the nineteenth century wall.

4. Take a trip to Bute Park!

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or a nature lover, Bute Park has something for everyone. The fitness trail provides a free workout with various apparatus along a scenic training route, how needs to pay for gym membership? On a sunny day, a picnic or BBQ beside the Taff is also a popular option and provides a free escape from the pressures of urban life.

5. Free entry to The National Museum.

Free to the public Tuesday to Sunday, why not admire the art collections and appreciate the stories that WW1 relics have to offer? It has to be one of the best free things to do around Cardiff University!

6. The Cardiff Indoor Market Stalls are a great place to browse.

Cardiff’s Indoor Market is a great place to browse, the perfect place to sample fresh Welsh delicacies and pick up some unique souvenirs, a visit here is a must.


7. Instagram worthy gardens!

Admire the flowers water feature in the gardens near City Hall, a tranquil pocket in the thriving Welsh capital.

See Also

8. Visit the Norwegian Chapel in Cardiff Bay.

This is an essential for any Roald Dahl fans, immerse yourself in Dahl’s life by visiting the family’s place or worship where Dahl was baptised.

9. Discover the Cardiff story.

Connect with Cardiff’s past through the interactive museum. Learn about the past of Tiger Bay and the lives of individuals from Cardiff’s industrial past, as well as the histories of Cardiff’s iconic landmarks.

10. Visit the Contemporary Art Gallery in The Hayes.

Art enthusiasts must visit the Contemporary Art Gallery for some modern inspiration!


What are your favorite free things to do around Cardiff University? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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Charlotte Rhodes

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