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For Meat Lovers: Top 5 Ethical And Organic Farm Shops in England

We live in an age where almost everything has been touched by the human hand…if you know what I mean. Nowadays, even the most natural of Mother Nature’s blessings, such as fruits and vegetables, have been polluted for the sake of mass produce. When I visit countries that still have the privilege of enjoying fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables that actually smell and taste like fruits and vegetable, I often feel quite envious. And let me tell you, meat is no different. Asides from the divine smell it exudes when it is sizzling and the obvious health advantages it holds as opposed to the hormone-injected, the majority of what we eat is from unethically killed animals. Below I have listed 5 top ethical and organic farm shops in England for grass-fed meat that is not only healthier and tastier, but also ethically guilt-free!

1) Willowbrook Farm, Oxfordshire

Asides from the glorious, Oxfordshire countryside that surrounds this family-run farm, the firm, ethical beliefs and standards this place holds and practices is top-notch. Willowbrook Farm provides customers with halal meat of the highest quality, from naturally sustainable livestock and poultry that are fed an organic, non-GM diet and are free from hormones or any routine medications. To add to that, Willowbrook Farm preserves a strong dedication to natural biodiversity and the environmental sustainability of the land.

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Ordering your meat from Willowbrook Farm is definitely a tad more expensive than regular meat from your butchers or the supermarket. But for health’s (and tastebud’s) sakes, it is beyond worth it! And if you’re into the beautiful green acres, then you can even pay a visit to the farm on their open Sundays and meet the owners, have a look around, check out the animals and the gorgeous sceneries and even build your own tent and spend a weekend or a whole week if you want to! (Goodness, weather permitting, of course!)

2) Daylesford, Gloucestershire

This is a fantastic, all-round food, home and garden equipments and gifts farm shop. Daylesford Farm caters to all of your organic lifestyle needs and besides the quality butcher that even includes organic fish, you’ll find a wide range of organic cheeses, grains and pulses, herbs and spices, vegetables and even natural, ready-made, delicious soups, coffee and comforting herbal teas!

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If you have a sweet tooth or a knack for baked goods, then don’t hesitate to check out their awesome range of fresh breads and cakes, luxury, organic chocolates, healthy cookies, pots of jam and pure honey, and more!

3) The Organic Farm Shop, Cirencester

Are you more of a mince pies and beef stews type of person? The Organic Farm Shop in Cirencester promises you with the highest quality beef, as their cows are fed a diet of clover and grass when grazing, and a healthy blend of leguminous and grass silages and the occasional whole crop silage when they are housed. This ensures the cows are high in protein and energy, and saves them for being fed the supplementary dry grain unnaturally-reared cows are fed.

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The Organic Shop also serves your organic 5-a-day needs, with fresh, seasonal fruits and organically grown vegetables. You will also find eggs, non-homogenised milk, cream, yoghurt, soft cheeses and butter for sale. You’ll also find non-food products such as books and magazines, environmentally friendly household products. And my favourite part of all – organic skincare and sustainable, fair trade gifts!

Be sure to read up on their history as well on their website, it’s incredibly fascinating and dates all the way back to the Neolithic times and the Stone Age!

4) Foxholes Farm Shop, Butchery & Tea Room, Hertford

Based in Hertfordshire, Foxholes Farm is a farm shop, a butchery and a tea room. But let me start off with the meats, since this is what this article is about! Like all the farm shops in this list of course, the shop sells all sorts of naturally reared meat including veal and poultry. Granny Smith’s Tea Room is every tea lover’s dream and serves the highest quality English teas of your choice, as well as homemade sandwiches and cakes, and freshly Baked Scones with Devon Clotted Cream and Strawberry Jam! Mmmmm. If you fancy a fine Sunday Roast here as well, then fear not, because they’ve now started serving that, too!

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5) Tablehurst Farm Shop and Café, Forest Row

Tablehurst Community Farm is a biodynamic farm located in the beautiful Sussex countryside. They offer all kinds of biodynamic, organic meat the whole year round, including several varieties of butcher’s sausages, as well as ducks, geese and turkeys for Christmas. You can also be sure to rely on Tablehurst Farm for organically grown vegetables and fruits, organic dairy products, fresh farm-produced rye and wheat flour, eggs, bread and even delicious, home-made pies and cakes!

Be sure to pay Tablehurst Farm Shop a visit and relax with some coffee and fresh pie in the lovely, Café Garden!

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So, ethically-correct meat lovers – have you visited these top 5 ethical and organic farm shops in England? Have you tried their meat?! If you haven’t already, then you definitely need to check them out. Your health and your tastebuds will thank you, and more importantly – you will be free of guilt!

Which one of these organic farm shops in England is your favorite? Let us know down below!

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