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10 Amazing Food Places In Glasgow

10 Amazing Food Places In Glasgow

Glasgow is filled with so many great food places! We've put together a list of some of the best locations to stop and eat at!
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One of the city of cultures, Glasgow is best known for the friendliest people, the best nightclubs, and the amazing food it has to offer. There’s every cuisine available, from Indian to Japanese to Italian, so trying to narrow the list down to just ten is difficult when there’s so many fantastic places to choose from! Here are my go-to and revisited places in Glasgow:

1. Potluck

If you’re looking for the most Instagramable food in Glasgow, this is the place for it! Based in the Southside, their hotcakes are famous for being both gorgeous to look at and incredibly delicious. Make sure to go during the week or early in the morning because during the weekend, there’s a queue out the door!


2. El Perro Negro

Glasgow has a number of burger joints across every part of the city, but El Perro Negro stands out from the rest of the crowd. Using high-quality beef to make generous portions, the burgers aren’t limited to your standard cheese and bacon. Boasting black truffle mayo and bone marrow butter, this is a perfect place to go if you’re in the West End and in the mood for something more special than your standard American chain.

3. Cafe Strange Brew

A close contender in the competition for the best brunch places in the Southside! Whilst also showcasing hotcakes, Café Strange Brew is most known for its Turkish baked eggs and amazingly smooth coffee. Again, make sure to go early because the queue snakes along the café and beyond on Saturdays and Sunday.

4. Fratelli Sarti

If you’re looking for traditional Italian food, look no further! There are three chains to choose from in the city centre, each with beautiful décor, exposed brickwork, and an array of panettone to see. Their portions are generous, but you have to save room for dessert because their profiteroles are the ultimate indulgence.


10 Amazing Food Places In Glasgow

5. Nanakusa

If you love fresh fish for perfect sushi, you will love Nanakusa. This Japanese restaurant is fabulous for a group of friends: there’s always a great atmosphere and the staff are very accommodating. With colour-changing lighting and a menu varied enough to offer the best of Japanese cuisine including bento boxes and flavourful ramen soups, there’s no reason not to love this!

6. Hillhead Bookclub

Want to eat good food for cheap in one of the coolest settings in Glasgow? An establishment that’s a favourites with students, Hillhead Bookclub oozes cool with its industrial vibe in a huge space. There’s Ping-Pong tables and retro games consoles so if the food and inventive cocktails aren’t enough for you, there’s plenty to entertain you.


7. Fault and Blame

It’s easy to walk by this basement bar but it’s well worth looking out for. Competing with many vegetarian/vegan restaurants in the city centre, Fault and Blame stands out by serving both meat and vegan dishes and both menus are equally delicious. The seitan burger has a fantastic kick with a habanero sauce and you can’t even tell its vegan!


8. Ox and Finch

Located next to Kelvingrove Park in the West End, Ox and Finch offers contemporary food on small plates to share or to have all to yourself (you’ll want to have them for yourself, believe me!). Every dish is as exceptional and beautifully served as each other and even though they’re small, they’re very filling.

9. Pizza Punks

Not your average pizza place! Their pizzas are made with a sourdough base and for £10, you can choose unlimited toppings, from chipotle & chocolate pulled pork to mac ‘n’ cheese. There’s also freakshakes with a weeks-worth of calories in them but man, are they worth it.

10 Amazing Food Places In Glasgow


10. Dakhin

There’s no shortage of Indian restaurants in Glasgow and one of the most outstanding restaurants is Dakhin. Serving Southern Indian cuisine in a large, airy space, the food is incredibly flavourful. There are a wide choice of flatbreads which perfectly compliment the rich curries, and the menu has a huge variety of lamb, fish, and vegetarian dishes so you are spoiled for choice!

What are your favourite food places in Glasgow? Tell us in the comments!
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