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The Food On Instagram That Will Make Your Taste Buds Explode

The Food On Instagram That Will Make Your Taste Buds Explode

Check out all of this amazing food on Instagram that you will absolutely love to get your hands on in real life. We have coupons so you can!

Have you ever found yourself super hungry, craving all kinds of food after spending half of your day scrolling the Instagram feed with food posts? If the answer is yes, know that you are not the only one. Picturesque plates of food and mouth – watering bowls are all over the ‘gram these days, making it impossible to go on that diet for more than 48 hours in a raw. We have gathered some of the best looking plates on Instagram that will make your taste buds explode now. Check out this food on Instagram that you will want to eat right away!

Pizza brings endless love

Pizza is just pizza. I will never believe that there are humans out there who would say no to a cheesy delicious pizza. Pizza looks even more tasty when its other people that post it before or whiles they enjoy it. Not sure whether it is the cheesy mozzarella, the leopard-spotting crunchy crust, the tasty tomato sauce or the delicious variety of toppings that make pizza look so good in photos and taste so good, but pizza is just love. Forever and ever.  This is some of the amazing food on Instagram that you will want to eat right away! Want a fast and cheap way to get your best local pizza? Download the Grubhub app and get $10 off your first order with the promo code GHS192018.

Paella and its straight to Spain

Paella. Nothing screams more summer than this super delicious dish, which is also Instagram worthy. This Spanish classic has loads of flavours and bursting colours that will immediately attract your attention on your Instagram feed. The yellowy colour of the rice, the intense reads on shrimps and other seafood, the exploding greens, yellows and oranges f the vegetables. This amazing dish has stolen the hearts of many and can now be found and enjoyed all over the world, not just in Spain. As soon as you come across a nice and pretty bowl of paella on Instagram your taste buds will be exploding and you will be transported directly to Spain.


Pumpkin pie goals

Pumpkin pie is the traditional thanksgiving desert that never dies. Not even from the ‘gram. Some love it homemade with fresh in-season pumpkins others just can’t wait for pumpkin season and therefore go for canned pumpkin puree. Either way you chose, the final result of a Pumpkin pie is always Instagram goals. Americans love it and so do Britts and perhaps the rest of the world too.  Just have a go with the easy recipe and your taste buds will thank you and so will you Instagram followers. This is some of the amazing food on Instagram that you will want to eat right away!

Ice cream addiction

Is your Instagram feed even complete if you don’t have an ice cream post? Most of us will closely relate how every time we get an ice cream, we feel the need to take that obligatory ice cream photoshoot before we start enjoying it. And if it starts melting whiles we try to find the right angle? Well we don’t care. Everyone needs to see how amazing our ice cream looked and tastes. Now that it’s summer – aka the ice cream season – pictures and posts are all over the Instagram explore feed. Many of them are tagged with the hashtag #FOODPORN. Right, literally foodporn.

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Berry Acai bowls

Eating clean never felt and looked so good. This new alternative and nutritionally good way of having breakfast is definitely taking over Instagram, which has been overloaded with colourful berry and fruity acai bowls. Acai bowls are antioxidant-rich recipes that are perfect to make a delicious and refreshing breakfast. They are also very easy to prepare at home. Just blend into an acai purée and top with fresh fruit, nut butters and more. Then enjoy you first meal of the day, but first, picture for the ‘gram.

Noodles are bae

Asian noodles bowls are other Insta-worthy recipes that are taking over the social media platform. I by noodles we don’t refer to those pre-cooked noodle packs you buy from the shop on your way home from work and that you sadly cook with hot water then miserably “enjoy” it on your own sofa on a Friday night. No, with noodles we mean the fantastic and colourful Asian inspired meals that are full of colours and explosive flavours. Just delicious and the pictures you find on Instagram will just make your taste buds explode.  This is some of the amazing food on Instagram that you will want to eat right away!

Which of these food on Instagram photos have gotten you hungry? Let us know by leaving a comment down below!

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