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10 Fomo Symptoms That Prove You Totally Have It

10 Fomo Symptoms That Prove You Totally Have It

If you cannot hangout with your friends and all you do is look at their stuff when you can't you have FOMO. Check out these FOMO symptoms.

You hear FOMO quite often these days, and what does it mean? It means fear of missing out, which is becoming very common in today’s society as more and more people become anxious about what happens behind their backs, and are becoming conscious of wanting to attend all the plans possible. Fomo symptoms are the real deal.

Check out these FOMO symptoms to see if you suffer from FOMO when you can't hang with your friends.

It happens on a daily basis to everybody. We routinely scroll through our Facebook feeds while sipping our morning coffee or tea. That’s when we see it. We see photos and status updates about people “doing things”: going to fabulous charity events, going clubbing, attending basketball games from the company box, brunching at the newest hotspot, or sipping mojitos on an exotic beach. And all this of course comes with perfectly filtered photographic evidence to show for it. But the photographic evidence isn’t on just Facebook, oh no, you log on to your Instagram to see every body’s stories and images of them having a complete blast.


It is all thanks to the wonders of 4G, that these “friends” day-to-day lives have somehow become part of ours too. It often stirs a jittery feeling inside me personally, and I sometimes find myself asking “Why am I not doing those things?” or “Am I missing out?”

The worst part of it is when you have to work or you have family obligations and you see your closest friends partying on snapchat without you, at an event you were invited to, and you see them laughing and drinking and making memories; memories you won’t be in.  And deep down we can all admit that hurts.

If you aren’t sure whether you have FOMO then here are 10 FOMO symptoms that prove you totally have it.


1. You find yourself stalking every hour

We have all been there, once you have seen someone doing something without you, you have to check in every hour to see whether they are enjoying themselves or not. The worst of it is when you check all forms of social media to make sure you’re not missing vital information.

2. You’re unable to take your eyes off your phone

In the 21st century we are all phone mad I know, and most people above the age of 7 now have a phone, but if you truly cannot put your phone down and you are always on edge waiting for texts or invites or just gossip, then you have FOMO symptoms.

3. You get the hump

This one is the most common symptom of FOMO. You get the hump with your friends for doing something without you, we have all been there. You even get annoyed for them doing something without you when you have said you aren’t available, which let’s be honest is your fault not theirs.


4. You start trying to change your plans

Let’s paint a picture: you have already told your friends you can’t afford a night out, or you are busy. But then they are all talking about what they are going to wear in front of you. So what do you do if you have FOMO? You try your hardest to change your plans so you can attend the night out too.

5. You make a lists of everything you are going to do

This is a less common symptom of FOMO but still one nonetheless. You see everybody’s plans on Facebook and Instagram so you coincidentally write a list of things you want to do this summer that just so happen to include everything you have seen everybody else do.

6. Fear of being home alone on a Friday night

This one is understandable, when you are young nobody wants to be alone on a Friday night. But you totally have FOMO if you try and book plans every Friday for the next few weeks or so.


7. You know what everyone is doing

Somebody says to you ‘oh I wonder what Susan is doing today?’ And guess what, you know the answer, and you know every detail, so you have FOMO symptoms.

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 8. You will go out even when you’re sick

We have ALL done this one. You are so conscious of missing out that even when you are really poorly and lying in bed surrounded by tissues and snot you make the effort to go out.


9. Sad if you don’t get invited

I know this is a human reaction to things but it is 100% a symptom of FOMO, even if it is just a mild case. If you want to attend every party and be invited everywhere then you have FOMO my friend.

  10. You take pictures of EVERYTHING

Finally this last symptom brings us full circle. To ensure you aren’t the only one experience FOMO you take pictures of everything so that everybody can see what you are doing. But others doing this is what caused your FOMO in the first place.

Check out these FOMO symptoms to see if you suffer from FOMO when you can't hang with your friends.


My advice is that life is too short to worry about what everybody else is doing. You need to look after yourself and keep your mind at ease.

FOMO can lead to other forms of anxiety and depression, so if you spot these symptoms in yourself then put away the social media for a bit and get back to doing what makes you happy.

Do you have any of these FOMO symptoms? Let us know in the comments below!

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