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7 Floral DIYs That Will Transform Your Dorm Room

7 Floral DIYs That Will Transform Your Dorm Room

Is your bedroom in need of a transformation? Well, there’s no better way to make your dorm room feel unique than by creating your own decorations! And if the look you’re going for is summery and bright then it’s time to get creative with these floral DIYs.

Injecting some colour into your room is best accomplished by surrounding yourself with flowers, so we have gathered together seven ideas to get you started.

1. A Floral Dream Catcher

Dream catchers are a great way to give your room a whimsical feel with that added bonus of bringing you a good nights sleep. However, the ‘net’ in the centre can be fiddly to make and maybe feather’s aren’t your thing. If that’s the case, then why not make a floral dream catcher for a super chic and bohemian look.

Simply use an embroidery hoop as your base and weave faux flowers around the frame. Secure them with the help of a glue gun. Next, hang different threads and wools (the more variety of texture the better) and you have a completed dream catcher. We’re not sure how well it will catch dreams without the ‘net’ but at least it looks cute.

7 Floral DIYs That Will Transform Your Dorm Room

2. Pressed Flower Frame

Pressed flowers are a great way to bring real flowers into your room that won’t need replacing every week. Sandwiched in a glass frame, they make for beautiful and unique artwork to hand on your wall. Plus, they are really easy to make!

Make sure that you choose fresh flowers, and that they aren’t wet with morning dew or rain. Place the flower between two sheets of parchment paper from your kitchen and then place the paper within the pages of a heavy book. Then to provide extra weight, stack some more books on top (you might need to take a trip to the library for this DIY). After two weeks, your flowers should have dried out and flattened enough to frame, just be careful with them as they will be delicate.

7 Floral DIYs That Will Transform Your Dorm Room

3. Your Name In Flowers

One way that you can ensure your room is personal is by having the first letter of your name somewhere on your wall. To make it look extra chic, build it out of faux flowers. This floral DIY can also be great for establishing a colour scheme for your room, just match the colour to your bedsheets, chairs or a rug.

The most complicated part of this craft is building your letter out of cardboard, although once that is done the rest will be easy. Make sure your letter is hollow so that you can fill it in with floral foam. Florists often use floral foam to build flower arrangements (though you can buy it from any craft store) as all you need to do is push faux flowers into it to hold them in place.

7 Floral DIYs That Will Transform Your Dorm Room

4. Flower Mirror

Just like a floral letter, decorating your own mirror can tie in really well to a colour scheme. It’s also an ideal way to transform a boring, black-framed mirror into something more interesting.

The best way to make this floral DIY is by gathering tonnes of faux flowers, cutting their stems down, and, using a glue gun, secure them onto your mirror. If you want to add even more to your creation then you can put in fairy lights to take your mirror selfie game to a new level.

7 Floral DIYs That Will Transform Your Dorm Room

5. Floral Paper Weight

If your desk needs a floral touch, then these paperweights are perfect for you. Whether you want them for their intended purpose or just for decoration, they bring a bright pop of colour without taking up too much space. This DIY is also really cheap and easy to make.

Using the same flower pressing method as mentioned for the pressed flower frame above, prepare the flowers of your choice. Then just gather some pebbles, lay your flowers on top, and cover in PVA glue. The glue will dry clear, leaving you with a beautiful flower paperweight.

7 Floral DIYs That Will Transform Your Dorm Room

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6. Flower Wall Hanging

Wall hangings are a great decoration for student dorms. When you aren’t allowed to paint your walls, they provide a great way to cover up some blank space and make your room feel lived in. They’re also not that hard to make at home and with this floral DIY there should be nothing to stop you from creating one yourself.

Start off with a long and straight stick or, if you don’t want to use a real branch, an old wrapping paper tube painted pink. Then create ten long strands of faux flowers strung together which you can then hang from your branch. You can add extra faux leaves or vines along the top for a finishing touch before you fix it to the wall.

7 Floral DIYs That Will Transform Your Dorm Room

7. Paper Flowers

Framing paper flowers can be a good way to bring texture into your dorm room artwork. This particular version also makes it more interesting by using music sheets instead of coloured paper. Alternatively, you could use a page from a favourite novel or map of your home town to make this floral DIY even more personal.

All you really need for this DIY is wire for the stems, whatever paper you want to use, and glue. There are plenty of templates for the flowers online and all you need to do is cut them out and stick everything together. Once you have built your flowers, use a felt tip pen to add some colour to the edges before fixing them to a sheet of paper and adding a frame.

7 Floral DIYs That Will Transform Your Dorm Room


Have you got any floral DIY ideas? Are you going to try one of these? Let us know in the comments below!

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